Hello! Welcome to River. We create content for brands that is customer centric, contextually relevant and commercially profitable. READ MORE 29.07.2014 Inspiring Interview: Marc Blin… Having begun his work in social media by designing and building a mobile social network Marc Blinder has since been involved with some of the most successful Facebook marketing campaigns of all time. Today he's part of Adobe's Marketing Cloud Strategy team in London and is a frequent speaker across Europe on social marketing... READ MORE 29.07.2014 A Day in a Life: Art Director,… River’s Art Director, Rob Cuthbertson, joined the team in June 2014 with a background in content marketing for international brands from the UK to Dubai. READ MORE 14.07.2014 Sun European Partners acquires… Sun European Partners acquires The River Group to create the UK's biggest magazine and content group. Weight Watchers International editions wins gold at BCP Best of Corporate Publishing 2014 awards 09.07.2014 River is delighted to announce that Weight Watchers international magazines have won two prestigious international awards at the two silver awards for the magazine in 2013. READ MORE READ MORE 09.07.2014 Inspiring Interview: EContent … EContent magazine's editor talks to River about content marketing, social media, and the Internet of Things READ MORE 09.07.2014 The value of content marketing… Content – whether in the form of an offline product like a customer magazine or online content intended to support information search - helps to enforce this position of authority, creating a sweet spot for the retailer and an extension of the customer journey.
“Customer obsession is a key part of our strategy. Dare really brings to life our vision of everyday accessible beauty.” Matt Walburn, Customer Marketing Director, Superdrug
READ MORE 01.07.2014 A word to the wise: customer e… A study in the US of news sites from 2008 to 2012 found that only 0.1 per cent of the most viewed stories were user generated. Although social media is a frequent ‘breaker’ of stories, 77 per cent of people who hear about a story through this platform will seek more information through a traditional news provider, finds the Pew Research Center’s State of News Media report. Point to pixels: the future of digital magazine design 26.06.2014 Working with structured content is the future of publishing, whether publishing to print or digital mediums READ MORE READ MORE 02.06.2014 Rock.Paper.Glass: River launch… River today launch an innovative new white paper research publication Rock.Paper.Glass on the future of publishing. The evolution of content marketing and the mutual co-existence of opposites 02.06.2014 So here’s a prediction. Digital will become the primary consumption channel for mainstream content currently in print form. But print will remain, indeed grow, in the luxury sector and in more indulgent contexts. READ MORE READ MORE 14.05.2014 How to internationalise your p… Editorial pillars and brand values are the same in every Weight Watchers edition - but there are many differences. No one has longer words than the Germans, so when features are translated they can be up to a third longer. It can cause issues with the cover lines – we can’t have a word on the cover with 20 letters!
“The Southern Co-operative 2013/14 Annual Review is very good. Clear, accessible, confident. Congratulations to the team that put this together!” Ed Mayo, Chairman, UK Co-ops
Weight Watchers nominated again at the German Corporate Publishing Awards 14.05.2014 River are proud to announce that Weight Watchers have been nominated yet again at the German Corporate Publishing Awards. READ MORE Case study: Holland & Barrett - Content READ MORE READ MORE 06.05.2014 Wearables and the future of co… Wearable technologies are not new. You have probably seen wrist heart-rate monitors, a wearable GPS, or possibly one of the tiny watch TVs that have been around since the 1980s. The current generation of wearables are all designed to connect to existing devices, particularly smartphones. READ MORE 28.04.2014 Steffan Aquarone on 2014 trend… The hardest part is making content people really want to watch. People don’t care about your products and services. With the tap of a finger, people can change the channel and watch anything that’s available on the web. Making content that stands out and holds people’s attention doesn’t have to mean filming cats on skateboards or shocking humour - but it does have to serve its audience first and your brand’s PR agenda second.


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