Hello! Welcome to River. We create content for brands that is customer centric, contextually relevant and commercially profitable. Inspiration is everywhere 04.04.2014 I think this highlights that personal creativity is everywhere, you’ve just got keep your eyes and mind open. Don’t be afraid to try something different. Some of my best design work has come from ‘happy accidents’ where I have experimented whilst painting, and recently with photography and video. READ MORE Case study: Sally Salon Services READ MORE The Co-operative Food in the running at Marketing Week Engage Awards 2014 04.04.2014 The multi-platform work for the Co-operative Food aims to increase awareness amongst shoppers of the range and availability of food at The Co-operative Food, specifically targeting families with messages around value, convenience, healthy living, cooking for fun, Fairtrade and ethical trading. READ MORE READ MORE 04.04.2014 Jackie Garford promoted to Riv… We are delighted that Jackie has joined the Board at River. It’s a fantastic achievement, and well deserved after over eight years of loyalty and hard work Dream, new digital publication for Honda, featured in Sunday Times in launch week 19.03.2014 Dream is a new digital brand communication for Honda, delivering inspirational stories and video from the world of Honda on a responsive website READ MORE
“Customer obsession is a key part of our strategy. Dare really brings to life our vision of everyday accessible beauty.” Matt Walburn, Customer Marketing Director, Superdrug
READ MORE 18.03.2014 What is your data worth? Discerning and digitally savvy consumers expect brands to understand them and anticipate what they are looking for. We can learn to deliver meaningful experiences by harnessing the insights of 'small data'. READ MORE 17.03.2014 25 ways the web has changed co… Content marketing has been revolutionised by the world wide web, which is 25 years old. Read our 25 ways the web has changed content marketing. Case study: The Co-operative Food READ MORE Not more content marketing; content marketing that does more 10.03.2014 In 2013 everyone was talking about this amazing thing called "content". Content marketing is the cool new kid on the block. You’re mildly irrita­ted, secretly envious and curious to emulate his success. READ MORE READ MORE 27.02.2014 River are moving! We are moving! But only 10 minutes away so you still need to come to see us. Healthy and Healthy For Men keeping fit in an ailing market 18.02.2014 ‘Healthy and Healthy For Men are key to the retail business of our Holland & Barrett and GNC stores. Where our shoppers purchase the magazines we see consistently stronger conversion rates and retail transaction values, over and above those that don’t purchase them. READ MORE READ MORE 03.02.2014 The power of storytelling Great stories don't always come in the form of a book. The art of storytelling has improved as brands and advertisers recognise its power. Case study: Harvey Nichols - Dubai READ MORE The digital communications revolution is in the hands of the consumer 20.01.2014 The digital revolution has brought techies and creatives together in the pursuit of great content, playful marketing and consumer-focussed solutions. READ MORE Solve the big 4 content marketing challenges in 2014 10.01.2014 2014 is the year considered, strategic content marketing will grow from a 'should do' to a 'must do' activity for credible brands intent on building meaningful engagements with savvy customers. Here are four tips for resolving the challenges ahead: READ MORE READ MORE 18.12.2013 Whatever happened to the Oxo f… So all might have changed by next Christmas. Maybe it will be me, upstairs in my bedroom lounging in bed, glass in hand, posting my piccies on Flickr and blogging away on Tumblr. The kids will be at the bottom of the stairs shouting, "Come on Mum. Now. We want to spend time with you. Please come down and be with us.


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