The River Group’s Lauren Carbran has won the Rising Star award at The Jasmine Awards 15.03.2017 River’s own Lauren Carbran, Editor for The Perfume Shop's blog #ScentsBlog, just won the Rising Star award at The Jasmine Awards READ MORE READ MORE 23.02.2017 Why psychology and marketing… Before I ever picked up a marketing book or walked into a lecture hall at university, I had more than a faint idea that psychology played a part in the process of marketing. To a certain extent, aside from the creative side of marketing, this is probably what drew me to studying the subject. READ MORE 21.02.2017 Content we love #5 Live video is the latest buzzword in social but, as a concept, if we take into consideration our television viewing habits, it’s far from new. However, unlike television, live streaming is the raw unfiltered alternative which is catching everyone's attention. In an age of never wanting to miss out, live video is an open invitation to be fully part of the moment alongside the video creators. READ MORE 02.03.2017 Content we love #6 It has been one year this week since Facebook introduced their reaction emojis. Since they've been released, the reaction emojis have been used over 300 billion times. The River Group shortlisted for seven major industry awards 17.02.2017 2017 awards season has got off to a storming start at The River Group as it is shortlisted for no less than seven major industry awards. READ MORE READ MORE 07.02.2017 Opportunities & Threats: Cus… In a recent article for InPublishing, the CEO of The River Group, Nicola Murphy, looks at how customer publishing has changed since her previous article for the website in 1997. Reporting on recent developments in technology and how digital has created new opportunities for publishers. The River Group POV #4 01.02.2017 Every generation is shaped by the events that surround them: the strength of the economy, changing social mores, access to information, the health of the nation and even, dare we say it, political events. READ MORE READ MORE 01.02.2017 Contentology #22 It’s February and traditionally at this time of year many brands are looking for ways to appropriate Valentine’s day for their own marketing activity READ MORE 27.01.2017 Content we love #4 Worldwide, there are over 1.79 billion monthly active users on Facebook. READ MORE 13.01.2017 Contentology #21 Happy New Year from Contentology! Content we love #3 05.01.2017 Like every year, after a very indulgent and lazy Christmas, January creeps into our calendars as the month for fitness and healthy eating. READ MORE READ MORE 03.01.2017 The River Group POV #3 We have seen the migration of consumers onto digital channels and this has led to a big shift in priorities for agencies who are having to integrate their digital communications deeper than ever before. READ MORE 15.12.2016 Content we love #2 There was a time when podcasts essentially just provided a catch-up service for radio but in the last few years this landscape has changed dramatically READ MORE 06.12.2016 Content we love #1 With the aid of social media, Christmas adverts are more than just stopgaps between your favourite TV shows; they are pieces of short film which are shared and watched by millions of users, making Christmas adverts in this age bigger than ever. READ MORE 08.12.2016 The River Group’s Claire I… The River Group’s Editorial Content Director, Claire Irvin, was speaking today about how video is becoming the fastest growth area in online content.

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