Hello! Welcome to River. We create content for brands that is customer centric, contextually relevant and commercially profitable. Case study: How did Weight Watchers incr… READ MORE Inspiring Interview: App Design Lead, James Mackenzie 05.10.2014 James Mackenzie, App Design Lead at PORTER magazine, talks about jumping from print to digital and never looking back... READ MORE Case study: How did River Group produced… READ MORE READ MORE 27.10.2014 Superdrug and The Cooperativ… The River Group’s work in digital publishing has been recognised with two shortlisted nominations in the 2014 Digital Magazine Awards. Paul Clarke joins River as Business Development Director 29.10.2014 Paul Clarke, the former commercial chief of Big Picture TV and a former MD of Carat Business, has joined The River Group as Director of Business Development. READ MORE READ MORE 06.10.2014 White Paper: From Digital To… Digital hasn’t destroyed the value of every other media, it has in fact fuelled our curiosities to explore more – discovering new artists through a friend’s recommendation on Facebook, back issues of a rediscovered special interest magazine, or an Amazon review that convinced you that this self-help book will change my life. A Day in a Life: Art Director, Rob Cuthbertson 07.10.2014 River’s Art Director, Rob Cuthbertson, joined the team in June 2014 with a background in content marketing for international brands from the UK to Dubai. READ MORE Inspiring Interview: Marc Blinder, strategic marketing, promoting the Adobe Marketing Cloud 13.08.2014 Having begun his work in social media by designing and building a mobile social network Marc Blinder has since been involved with some of the most successful Facebook marketing campaigns of all time. Today he's part of Adobe's Marketing Cloud Strategy team in London and is a frequent speaker across Europe on social marketing... READ MORE READ MORE 01.07.2014 A word to the wise: customer… A study in the US of news sites from 2008 to 2012 found that only 0.1 per cent of the most viewed stories were user generated. Although social media is a frequent ‘breaker’ of stories, 77 per cent of people who hear about a story through this platform will seek more information through a traditional news provider, finds the Pew Research Center’s State of News Media report. Inspiring Interview: EContent magazine editor, Theresa Cramer 09.10.2014 EContent magazine's editor talks to River about content marketing, social media, and the Internet of Things READ MORE Case study: What content impresses Co-op… READ MORE READ MORE 14.10.2014 Superdrug’s DARE magazine … Superdrug’s in-store and online magazine produced by The River Group, has created exclusive multi-platform content with internet star and beauty blogger Zoella. READ MORE 11.06.2014 Print and digital: a hybrid … Printed media simply can't keep up with the speed and findability of digital; by the time news has been committed to paper, it's already old. Digital content feeds the consumer demand for immediate information or entertainment at little or no cost to the reader. Without the need for printed press processes, the production time and costs for digital content can be reduced. Point to pixels: the future of digital magazine design 26.06.2014 Working with structured content is the future of publishing, whether publishing to print or digital mediums READ MORE


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