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Everything’s changing in the world of content, but one thing will never change. Content can only be strategically valuable to a brand when it’s valuable to the audience – when they’re open to what it has to say, when it chimes with their emotions, when it’s relevant to how they live, when it makes them look for more. But the shifting sands of digital media have produced an industry so obsessed with the new frontiers of content that they’ve forgotten this content contract. Content has become the new spam.

It’s time for an agency to fix the equation; to embrace the opportunities that new media offers with regard to content, in a way that honours the fundamentals of good human connection. That means using tight strategy to give content purpose, bringing the subtle arts of editorial to the page and screen – creating content that brings value to your audience, value to your business.

We’re The River Group – a content innovation agency. In this age of content spam we create content with value: to brands, businesses and audiences.

Structured around five labs and five hubs, we explore, embrace and apply new technology in a fragmenting channel landscape to create end-to-end content ecosystems that fuel customer engagement and loyalty.

With over 20 years of content creation experience we are experts in the fundamentals: the art of storytelling, the craft of editing and explorers in the opportunities offered by an ever-changing technological age.

We believe that the era of valuable content is ours to make. So – what’s your content worth?

Content contextualisation, content auditing, commercial, cultural and marketing analysis to define the role of content within your marketing mix.
Strategy & planning
- Audience insight
- Customer journey planning
- Omni-channel planning
-Content commercialisation
Technology integration
Platform development
Digital innovation
Editorial, design & creative
Execution, production, deployment & distribution
Content training
News stand strategy & execution
Measurement, evaluation
Advertising & sales
Plan, craft, execute


Awareness – Acquisition/Affiliate – Loyalty/CRM – Advocacy – Maven
Channel expertise

Magazine, catalogues, leaflets, direct mail

Website, microsite and app design & build, eCRM, mobile solutions & strategy,
digital magazines and blogs

Social Media
Sector expertise

Automotive, Energy, Fashion, Food, Retail, Financial, FMCG, Healthcare, Media & Entertainment,
Travel & Leisure, Retail

We are experts and explorers
Experts in human fundamentals, masters of the things that will never change the essence of marketing strategy, and the dynamics of human nature and storytelling.

Explorers in everything that is changing
In a world of emerging technology, a fragmenting media and channel landscape, the evolution of quantifiable metrics; nobody can really say how media, brands and behaviour will respond to this change; the only way to know the future is to live in it.

This approach is executed through five labs and five hubs:


Strategy and CX lab:

In many agencies, 'Content' is an answer looking for a question. But every brand has different problems, configured into a unique set. That content will only be a good investment for a client if it's a finely crafted tool to solve a well-defined challenge. The details of particular products, media contexts and audiences always change the rules of the game – and our Strategy Lab exists to find new ways to take on those challenges.

Technology lab:

The technologies that seem incredible today will be invisible tomorrow, and the province of hipster collectors by next Friday. People's fundamental desires for connection, fulfilment and safety won't change – but the ways they satisfy those needs will. Every new invention brings the possibility of an entirely new point of contact there – or just a new red herring.

Exploring potential is our remit here. There's a perfect moment to move on to new technologies – that window when enough people are engaging with it to make it viable, but while the aura of newness is still there to render people receptive to a new experience. This Lab is tasked with bringing those possibilities back to the business so that our storytellers have more powerful ways to work, and our strategists have more effective ways to think.

Editorial lab:

Just after someone invented fire, they had to tell the tribe about it. Stories are the second-oldest technology in the world. And many of its elements techniques – tension, mystery, empathy, discovery – are as old as human nature. But our understanding of how these things work is evolving with the advent of behavioural economics. Stories are the magic that turns information into emotion, and action. At the Editorial Lab we explore how to infuse well-crafted content with strategic purpose.

Commercial modelling lab:

In a performance-oriented marketing economy, content should not be a budgetary black hole. It may not be as sharp-edged as sales promotion, but it's no less purpose-oriented. The Commercial Modelling Lab is designed to build that purpose into our relationship with you.

We have a long history of crafting stories that sell. There's no better training ground than the news-stand, and we've been perfecting commercially strong news-stand work for 22 years. As the pendulum of content swings back from free to paywall, the analysts and statisticians in the Commercial Modelling Lab are ready to swing with it.

Research and analytics lab:

The saying goes, 'What gets measured gets managed.' And the world of content needs to come under new management.

Everyone wants to see their content work harder. But truly game-changing behaviour is getting intel on everything, celebrating successes, embracing failures and finding innovative ways to learn from each.

We need better KPIs rather than eyeballs reached. Not just exposure and sentiment but behaviour and purchase, and the advocacy that follows. Moreover we need to make sure the KPI fits the content, so that every piece is written with purpose rather than merely filling a box. For this reason the Research and Analytics Lab works to find new metrics for what good looks like, to match new channels and new forms of media, and the lab works with strategy to find ways to turn that data into decisions. We want everything to be able to prove its worth.

Innovative thinking underpinned by exceptional delivery

To create, craft and execute your content we have: five hubs:


Design & Creative

International and New Launches

On & Offline Production

Advertising Sales
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