Opportunities & Threats: Customer Publishing

by The River Group - Tuesday 7th February 2017 - 5:39 pm


  • The River Group’s CEO Nicola Murphy reports on the state of customer publishing in 2017 for InPublishing.
  • Content is both the solution and the problem for the digital landscape.

In a recent article for InPublishing, the CEO of The River Group, Nicola Murphy, looks at how customer publishing has changed since her previous article for the website in 1997. Reporting on recent developments in technology and how digital has created new opportunities for publishers, she states:

“Technology has created a much richer media landscape, allowing us to place content quickly, engage customers in real time, through their own preference filters and measure with pinpoint accuracy how effective the content is and, crucially, what contribution to the brand’s bottom line we are able to deliver.”

Nicola Murphy CEO of The River Group.

She also describes the issues of a broader content landscape and how brands must focus on the quality of their content to retain audiences and achieve their objectives.

Read the full article by Nicola Murphy at InPublishing.

The River Group

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