The Travel Marketing Awards, shortlists Princess Cruises for Best Direct Mail

by The River Group - Tuesday 23rd January 2018 - 5:03 pm

Journey Magazine has been shortlisted for The Travel Marketing Awards, for Best Direct Mail.


As it celebrates its 10th anniversary, The Travel Marketing Awards reveals its shortlist for the 2017 awards to promote marketing best practice within the travel sector.


This year ‘Journey’, Princess Cruises’ customer loyalty magazine has been shortlisted for Best Direct Mail. ‘Journey’ is the flagship communication created by Princess Cruises’ content agency The River Group, a magazine designed to reinforce the Princess ‘Come Back New’ proposition.


The content features inspirational location photography and a range of editorial features to transport readers to the range of worldwide destinations Princess Cruises sails to.


CEO of River, Nicola Murphy commented, “Princess have been a longstanding client and are fantastic at embracing bold creative ideas. This relationship has seen Journey grow from strength to strength over the years, achieving some very tough KPI’s. It is now a key part of the Princess Cruises marketing strategy.”


Customers’ reaction to Journey:


“I love reading Journey, I have just finished highlighting articles. Particularly those on Japan where we travelled earlier this year so have booked again for Spring”. “I can escape to other places in my mind’s eye, when I can’t be cruising.” “Beautiful photography and interesting travel articles. It enhances the view of Princess Cruises as professional and feels a more high-end magazine.” “Journey is full of information and fascinating facts, a truly unique magazine.” “…cruise lines’ magazines get about a minute of my time, your Summer edition stands out. I read it from cover to cover.”


Kerrie Reed, CRM & Insight Manager, Princess Cruises UK commented, “Journey magazine captures the hearts and minds of our readers via insightful features transporting them to the range of destinations we offer. We’re proud to be able to deliver such an engaging and inspiring magazine with the support and expertise of River. Journey plays an integral role in demonstrating Princess Cruises as destination experts, and we’re excited to continue our relationship with River and ensure our readers are ‘wowed’ by what Princess Cruises can offer them. “

The results of the awards will be announced on March 12th



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