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McCarthy & Stone are the UK’s leading retirement house builder. Over the past 40 years they have built more than 51,000 apartments nationwide and regularly win awards for their work. There is fierce competition in their sector and marketing activity has to work on a wide range of levels, across a number of decision-makers and a lengthy decision-making process.

Strategy, Marketing and Social Media
Design, Video & Content Creation
Production, Deployment & Distribution
Advertising Sales
The challenges
  • Communicate with multiple audiences about a highly emotive issue.
  • Maintain continuity and develop relationships during a lengthy decision-making process.
  • Increase brand awareness while developing understanding of a diverse product portfolio.

What we did

One of the key challenges for this client is to engage with prospects at the early stage of search activity and nurture them through each stage of the customer journey.

This required a multifaceted approach:

  • Developing content that reflects our target audience’s aspirations and interests.
  • An editorial style that smashes preconceptions about the older generation, looking at the latest tech innovations and covering trends in food, travel and health.
  • A quality print magazine, Life & Living, at the heart of communications, delivered monthly with a separate sales brochure delivered to warm prospects.
  • Repurposed content from the magazine is used across multiple channels including online, a digital magazine and video.

River have consistently and effectively used our customer magazine, Life & Living, as a vehicle to bring to life the lifestyle enjoyed by homeowners at McCarthy & Stone developments. Their passion for, and knowledge of, the McCarthy & Stone brand along with their understanding of how to create great content that educates and engages our target audience is the reason River are such a long standing and important partner for McCarthy & Stone.

Geoff Bates, Head of Brand and Communications McCarthy Stone
Markers of our success
In 2017 Life and Living generated:

2,458 enquiries to the unique telephone number
160 property visits
Secured multiple house reservations

The 2017 reader survey confirmed:

72% of readers spend more than 30 minutes reading each issue
52% pass on Life & Living to at least one other person
35% have visited a M&S property
37% have visited to research developments