Co-op Linconshire

Co-op Linconshire

Lincolnshire Co-operative

Lincolnshire Co-operative is owned by over 280,000 members. As a co-operative, it shares all its profits with members through dividend bonuses, investing in new and improved services and supporting community groups and charities.

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The Challenges

Communicating the successes of the business and acknowledging the importance of local members is key to continued recruitment and engagement of members. The magazine that River produces is a vital tool in achieving this goal:

  • Highlighting specific/seasonal membership offers and benefits
  • Promoting Lincolnshire Co-op’s local fundraising and charitable activities
  • Promoting community initiatives supported by Lincolnshire Co-op
  • Demonstrating benefits for members
  • Improving inclusion and philanthropy within the community
  • Recipes that showcase local producers and businesses

The publication’s tone of voice is part of their strategy to avoid a ‘them’ and ‘us’ mentality developing between the society and its customers. From publicising dividend deals to exclusive website offers, the magazine allows the society to ensure readers are taking advantage of everything their membership offers them.

The Lincolnshire Co-op members Magazine

Printed x 3 per annum, distributed in-store.

Part-funded through supplier advertising, driving a proven return on investment for each issue.

We’re really pleased with the magazine River create for us. For us it’s one of the best ways to share good news with our members about new services and community initiatives, show off our fantastic range of local products, remind our customers of the benefits of being a member and showcase what we’re all achieving together across our area. Because we distribute it through our stores and outlets, it’s an effective way of reaching different people who may not come to one of our events or follow us on social media

Emma Snedden, Communications Manager