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Co-op Midcounties Travel - Sailaway

As the largest independent co-operative in the UK, Midcounties Co-operative have provided their customers with a range of holidays, independent advice and travel deals for many years.

Design, Video & Content Creation
Production, Deployment & Distribution
The Challenges

With more customers researching and booking their travel independently, Midcounties needed to showcase the service they offer their customers and highlight the benefits to members of booking through them.

As well as earning membership points on bookings, customers benefit from best-in-class service – Midcounties Co-operative were awarded the Feefo Gold Trusted Merchant accreditation again in 2017.

We were tasked specifically with raising awareness of cruise holidays sold through Midcounties Co-operative Travel.

Our strategy revolved around:

  • Personalising the experience with testimonials and quotes from Co-op Travel customer experts.
  • Offering bespoke CTAs and special discounts to customers.
  • Encouraging cross-selling of river and sea cruises to customers.
  • Promoting weekend ‘try’ trips.
  • Showcasing a wide range of different ships and companies.

What we did

The magazine: Sailaway

  • Bi annual printed magazine distributed in-store.
  • 23,000 copies distributed via Personal Travel Agents.
  • Mailed to existing customers.
  • Part-funded through supplier advertising, driving a proven return on investment for each issue.

Markers of our success

Advertising sales for Sailaway has always been a key strategic objective to breakeven on revenues vs cost. We track ROI through offers and coupon codes. In the inaugural issue and the subsequent 5 issues, we have been pre-sold prior to the editorial outline and content being confirmed. This is a reflection of the quality of content and appeal to advertisers. Specific ROI results are confidential.

We love our Sailaway magazine.  For us it’s a great way to tell members about new services, showcase destinations and packages and remind our customers of the benefits of booking their cruises with us.

Aislinn Tilsley, Brand & Marketing Manager, Midcounties Co-operative Travel