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Holland & Barrett’s customer charter pulls no punches. They aim to enhance the wellbeing of their customers around the world, one happy customer at a time.

Such lofty ambitions bring many challenges to their organisation.

Strategy, Marketing and Social Media
Design, Video & Content Creation
Tech, Platform Development & Search
Site Optimisation & Conversion Analysis
Measurement, Testing & Refining
Production, Deployment & Distribution
Advertising Sales
Newsstand Strategy & Execution
Content Products
The challenges
  • Maintain the high brand awareness they enjoy as an omnichannel retailer.
  • Design and execute content across a range of channels to increase brand exposure.
  • Drive consumer engagement, basket value and frequency of purchase.

What we did

Our approach was built around three key strands:

  • Increasing brand visibility at the point of need – using content assets across multiple platforms and within multiple contexts.
  • Using existing and new content to engage and add value to customers – driving average transaction values and lifetime transaction values.
  • Using symbiotic and established content streams from the magazines that River produces for Holland & Barrett, which are available instore, online, via subscription and at UK newsstands

We created and executed an omnichannel content strategy across print, digital and social media, ensuring that each piece of content informs and drives the consumer closer to point of purchase.

The content that River has developed for us has performed way beyond expectations. There has been a measurable increase in copy and product sales, basket size and engagement levels as a result. It just goes to prove that providing quality, useful and valuable content at the right point in the customer journey really resonates with consumers.

Emma Hobbs, Group Head of Brand and Marketing, Holland & Barrett International
Markers of our success

healthy is now the UK’s number-one, 100% actively purchased, women’s health and wellbeing magazine (on a single copy basis). As broad and holistic a topic as health is, healthy magazine is a core health title, bringing expert content that extends to all aspects of life including food, beauty, fitness and mental health in order to support the ‘Qualified to Advise’ remit. Originally launched as an instore magazine, it is now the market leader, and is available to purchase instore, online, via subscription and on UK newsstands, as well as being localised for Holland & Barrett’s Dutch subsidiary.

The Results
Number 1

healthy is the UK’s number 1 health and wellbeing magazine (single copy sales); 100% actively purchased

in store

Reader spend 445% more than non-readers in Holland & Barrett stores

Sales increase

After advertising in healthy, product sales increase by an average of 30%