The Ramblers is Britain’s best loved and largest walkers’ rights charity in the UK. Since 1935 The Ramblers have worked to protect and expand the places where we walk as well as bring walking to new audiences. Ramblers have a broad demographic member base who subscribe to the charity not only for walking inspiration but also to campaign and lobby for access rights and conservation.

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Design, Video & Content Creation
Tech, Platform Development & Search
Measurement, Testing & Refining
Production, Deployment & Distribution
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Newsstand Strategy & Execution

The challenges

With such a broad audience of members, volunteers and supporters, our challenge is to deliver content that appeals to, and has a point of difference for, all member stakeholder groups, creating value and maintaining high levels of membership renewal.

What we did

River produce Walk, a print and digital quarterly magazine that is sent to the member base. Walk has four main objectives: member retention, member engagement, to promote the Ramblers’ campaigns and to drive online traffic for current and up-to-date information.

Walk is the keystone to the Ramblers’ member programme, delivering an integrated multichannel suite of content that includes online, social media, email, print and digital magazines.

Walk content offers a unique editorial personality relevant to the Ramblers’ brand, a strong, seasonal cover strategy, shot by an award-winning photographer, and mechanisms for enhanced member involvement, including a reader panel and user-generated content.

We’ve been working with River since 2009, and it’s proved to be the perfect partnership. From creating high-quality content for walk, our flagship membership magazine, to providing invaluable data-driven insight, the River team have consistently helped us refine, review and innovate.

Matthew Jones, Editor, Walk magazine, The Ramblers
What are the markers of our success?
Member benefit

Members cite Walk as the top benefit of their membership.

of members

51% of members are inspired to follow a route or area covered in the magazine.


Over 60% of magazine recipients visited www.ramblers.org.uk after reading the magazine, to get more involved with the organisation.

Quarterly newsletter and website performance:

Email distribution: 72,694 recipients
Open: 36%
Click through: 6.4%
Online page views: 81,088
Twitter followers for Walk magazine