Royal Bank of Canada

Royal Bank of Canada


RBC has a reputation as a bank that listens carefully to and spends time getting to know its customers so it can understand how best to help them. RBC positions itself as the partner you can depend on to help achieve your financial goals. The banking industry is a sector undergoing incredible disruption as banks look to reduce the cost to serve, through technology and AI in particular. The result is an often painful engagement process lacking in human interaction.

Design, Video & Content Creation
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The challenges

Against this backdrop, the challenge for River was to create content that communicates the personal touch, and drive awareness and purchase consideration.

What we did

River were tasked with developing a content campaign for RBC’s Business Owners and Entrepreneurs programme, which will appear on RBC’s digital hub, the RBC Wealth Management website and will also be streamed through social media channels.

The work is a series of video vignettes entitled “Steve”, “Chris” and “Rod” – life stories featuring real RBC customers talking about their moments of inspiration and their journey from startup, through scale-up, to sale. The videos draw out the human side of starting and running a business, marrying personal stories with the help, advice and guidance given by RBC during what is often a lonely, yet exciting time in the life of an entrepreneur. River worked with RBC to identify the key moments when help and advice is most needed – selling the business, taking the business to the next level, wealth structuring and retirement planning.

The creative treatment encouraged the customers to talk openly about their dreams, hopes, fears and the support they received along the way from RBC. Although loosely scripted, the real punch in the work comes because the customers were allowed complete freedom of expression.

Markers of our success

The work has only just broken, so we’re gathering data on engagement. However, RBC’s Marketing Manager, Kim Forbes, was impressed with how we handled tone and style.

River won the business because their work reflected perfectly our passion for our customers. We are exceptionally pleased with the creative treatment and how River managed to draw out the human side of each customer’s story. We look forward to more work in the same vein.

Kim Forbes, RBC Marketing Manager