The Perfume Shop

The Perfume Shop


The Perfume Shop is one of the UK’s leading fragrance retailers, with over 260 stores nationwide, selling all major designer fragrance brands at value-for-money prices. They have a genuine passion for perfume and people. Sharing their expertise and knowledge on the high street is the central pillar of their marketing activity. This is a fiercely competitive sector, where retail habits develop as technology and CX expectations change.

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The challenges

The Perfume Shop challenged The River Group to create an engaging and exciting blog to help combat the barriers of selling perfume online. The content needed to not only engage, entertain and empower consumers to buy a product they couldn’t smell, but also convey The Perfume Shop staff’s industry-leading knowledge and passion for their product in their brand’s friendly and cheeky tone of voice.

 What we did

In April 2016 we successfully launched the SCENTS blog, hosting highly engaging editorial and video content that demonstrates The Perfume Shop’s passion and expertise, aligning editorial with product promotions and linking to e-commerce channels to drive sales and traffic. Editorially, SCENTS aims to educate and inspire customers through providing the latest news, inspiration and expertise, with many contributors, from celebrities to their own instore experts. We have also focused on utilising our huge publishing experience by building great relationships with brands and PRs, ensuring we get new, exclusive content as well as invites to blogger, media, perfume and fashion events that are simply not available to other perfume retailers.

Our Approach
  • Evergreen posts: Posts like ‘Top 5 sweet-smelling scents’ continue to dominate the top 5 posts each week, creating essential cut-through for TPS in a cluttered search category and continuously driving new traffic to The Perfume Shop.
  • Our great range of celebrity interviews: Michael Bublé, Stella McCartney, Gigi Hadid and Daniel Sturridge don’t just provide engaging cut-through, but again work as an opportunity to drive new traffic to TPS.
  • Quizzes: Ever wondered which perfume you should buy based on your favourite Little Mix song, or the perfect perfume to match your next holiday destination? Creating fun, interactive content increases dwell time, improves awareness around product range and drives repeat purchase.
  • New launches: Consumers might be aware of the latest perfumes to launch, but our editorial content educates them by using an accessible, inclusive language that empowers them to make an online purchase with confidence.
  • Video & social: We create a range of video content to support the blog and drive traffic from social channels including monthly editor’s chats, reactive trend-led graphic videos, and Scents on the Street (our very own Streetmate… with perfume!).

The perfumes to match your fave emojis post is so clever and so on-trend. I will now only refer to Michael Kors Sexy Sunset by its emojis

Andra Mielnicki, Vice President Global Communications & Digital Consumer Engagement, Estée Lauder
Markers of our success
  • Increased revenue generated through the blog by 226% (2016 vs 2017).
  • Award-winning content – River SCENTS editor, Lauren Carbran, won the 2017 Rising Star Jasmine Award.
  • Generated exclusive content including a Paris trip with Diesel – plus we were the first retailer to ever be invited on a press trip by L’Oréal.
  • Celebrity interviews including exclusives with Zac Efron and Nicole Scherzinger.