Is Writing for Robots the Future of Online Content Creation? (Part One)

Have you ever wanted to find information on something but not known exactly what to search on Google? We’ve all been there and ended up typing (after an almost headache-inducing process) something that we’re convinced might make the processing chip in our device fry up from trying to parse the gibberish we’ve typed. Yet somehow […]

What Can Content Creators do About the Google Medic Update?

Doctor holding stethoscope - Google medic update

Ever had symptoms and gone straight to Google to do a bit of research to find out what’s going on with your body? Of course you have. From articles on huge branded websites to small forums of people talking about medical conditions, the internet is a popular starting point for self-diagnosis. Let’s keep it real. […]

How content marketing, touchpoints and the purchase funnel are an ecosystem

Woman using two devices - marketing touchpoints

In marketing, the term touchpoint is defined as any form of interaction a consumer has with a business, and now, more than ever, consumers have so many platforms and ways to communicate, gain information and engage with brands. From looking at ads in print magazines to reading reviews on blogs in the virtual space, the […]

Online Content: Has Mobile Killed The Desktop Star?

mobile content

Trevor Horn, one of the members of synth-pop group The Buggles, said of writing their hit song Video Killed The Radio Star, ‘… it was like you could see the future… Something new is coming, something different… You could feel things changing.’ Horn was referring to the changing landscape of music in the late 70s, […]

Understanding the role of user intent in online content marketing

user intent

When it comes to online content marketing, understanding and satisfying user intent is the best way to be discoverable and cure a pain point along the customer journey. User intent One plus one still equals two, water is still very much wet, the Earth is still flat (contrary to some people’s beliefs), and a simple […]

Why psychology and marketing go hand in hand

Before I ever picked up a marketing book or walked into a lecture hall at university, I had more than a faint idea that psychology played a part in the process of marketing. To a certain extent, aside from the creative side of marketing, this is probably what drew me to studying the subject.