6 things to do when we would have been commuting

Due to the government guidelines around social distancing, those of us who aren’t essential workers are getting used to WFH right now. And that’s given us a little stretch of extra time in the mornings and evenings instead of our regular journey to the office. It’s tempting to curl up under the duvet for longer […]

WFH lunches: mozzarella, mushroom and pesto sourdough toasties

In need of some #WFH lunch inspo? The beauty of working from home is that you have the time and space to give your lunches a little extra love. That’s why we’re giving our staple cheese toasties a nutrition-boosting upgrade. With added vitamin D and protein from mushrooms, plus folates and antioxidants from sourdough toast, […]

3 classic yoga moves for at-home desk workers

Sitting at your desk (or kitchen table) all day, hunched over your laptop? It won’t surprise you to learn that this can contribute to back pain and a bad posture. We like to do a bit of yoga every day to combat the physical effects of desk working. Not only is it great for banishing […]