Princess Cruises is part of the Carnival portfolio. The holiday and leisure market is extremely competitive and cruising is growing in popularity beyond the traditional core demographic of the retired into a younger market. Brand differentiation throughout the customer journey is key to future success.

Strategy, Marketing and Social Media
Design, Video & Content Creation
Production, Deployment & Distribution
The challenges
  • Create content to act as a core part of Princess Cruises’ CRM programme.
  • Develop a content strategy to work with the customer journey and encourage rebooking, while reiterating the Princess Cruises brand values and driving on-board expenditure.

What we did

Every cruise with Princess takes guests on a journey – geographical, personal, cultural and ultimately experiential. Guests return revitalised, with new experiences, new friends and new memories.

  • We designed and produced Journey, a destination-led customer magazine mailed three times a year to Princess Cruises’ past guests.
  • The objective of Journey is to engage and inspire consideration and booking, contributing to retention, loyalty and overall market share. Journey reinforces the Come Back New proposition.

“I love reading Journey. I have just finished highlighting articles, particularly those on Japan, where we travelled earlier this year, so have booked again for spring.”

“I can escape to other places in my mind’s eye when I can’t be cruising.”

“Beautiful photography and interesting travel articles.”

“Cruise lines’ magazines usually get about a minute of my time – but your summer edition stands out. I read it from cover to cover… it will definitely encourage us to book our first Princess cruise very soon.”

We’re proud to be able to deliver such an engaging and inspiring magazine with the support and expertise of River. Journey plays an integral role in demonstrating Princess Cruises as destination experts, and we’re excited to continue our relationship with River and ensure our readers are wowed by what Princess Cruises can offer them.

Kerrie Reed, CRM & Insight Manager, Princess Cruises UK
Markers of our success
Reading time

Our reader survey shows that over 71% spend 30+ minutes reading and 77% of readers pass the magazine onto at least one other person (extending overall reach to potential new audiences).

YOY Uplift on calls

Journey consistently generates an issue-to-issue uplift in calls to its unique telephone number.


33% of readers claimed to have booked a cruise after reading Journey. 31% of readers have enquired about a Princess cruise at a travel agent.