We are officially a Certified Partner for Shorthand

We are officially a Certified Partner for Shorthand!

Shorthand is a storytelling platform that helps teams build engaging, interactive content with captivating visuals, including stunning digital magazines.

After using Shorthand since April to create CA magazine for ICAS, we are delighted to announce that we have been designated a Certified Partner.

💌 A love letter to River 💌 – By Wendy Watts

Oh River, have we really been together for nearly 30 years? It feels like yesterday when we met, in November 1994. I admit, I was a little jaded from the sudden endings of the two ‘loves’ before you, which crashed and burned. Not so you. You were stronger.

Chris Ward returns to The River Group, taking the position of Chief Revenue Officer

Chris Ward returns to The River Group as Chief Revenue Officer

After a six-year absence during which time he set up his own consultancy, and concentred on his NED and Trustee positions, Agency veteran Chris Ward returns to The River Group amidst its post pandemic growth phase.

Chris previously worked with The River Group as Chief Growth Officer. This time around he will be Chief Revenue Officer, responsible for innovation and NPD working with CEO Nicki Murphy.

The River Group, which includes Reflect; the UK’s first diversity and inclusion-focused influencer agency and Maven PR has been at the forefront of content development and a pioneer in the commercialisation of content for thirty-years for brands such as Superdrug, Boots, Weight Watchers, Holland and Barrett and Vitality.

Nicki Murphy, “Innovation has always been key to River’s success. We push ourselves outside of our comfort zone to ensure we stay ahead in a very competitive market. We have in the pipeline a number of new products and services that have completed their prototype phase. We are delighted to have Chris to help bring these to market.”

Ward has over thirty-five years industry experience, starting life within Omnicom at Rapp where he worked both in the UK and US followed by stints at BBH Unlimited, CDP before setting up his own agency, Personal and later selling it to The Engine Group. He then went on to set up a service innovation agency with Amanda Phillips and in 2021 he started a solo consultancy Hibiscus together with NED roles for Karakoram, a humanitarian and environmental innovation agency and Togethr a social impact company. This alongside his role as Trustee for The Arts Society working on its innovation programme which has resulted in the launch of Cultur.art.

Chris says: ‘I genuinely love River. It knows what it’s good at, it pushes itself and places a huge emphasis, on evolving and developing, never resting on it’s laurels. It has a heritage of keeping blue chip brands for a very, very long time when average agency tenures are just over three years. But most importantly for me the board are hugely experienced with high emotional intelligence which reflects in the incredible way they treat staff and suppliers. As soon as you walk through the door, you know it’s a work party you want to be at. Delighted to be back.’

About The River Group:
The River Group is the UK’s largest independent integrated marketing services agency, specialising in strategy, motion graphics, video, TV production, OOH and podcasting. It was voted a top 20 London agency for value by Drum Recommends in 2023, and celebrated its 30th birthday on 14 May 2024.

Paper – recycled or non-recycled? ♻️

Pre Covid, it was de rigueur among marketers to insist that all publications were produced on recycled paper. They felt that this proved to their customers that they were doing the right thing and ticking the environmental ‘green’ box.
It was an over-simplification of the environmental challenge. There was a perception that paper was bad for the environment and, if paper was to be used, then it had to be recycled.

Marketing the menopause

In case you haven’t been paying attention, menopause is firmly on trend. Surprising perhaps, given the subject matter, but not so surprising when you consider the audience – midlife women, who came of age in the lairy, ladette nineties and who aren’t ready to totter off into the sunset any time soon, reinvigorated in the post-#metoo era. A demographic often neglected by marketeers, but with money and attitude to spare – and a clear need state. As an agency with journalistic expertise in health and beauty, we’ve regularly created ‘World Menopause Day’ content over the years, but this year feels… different.

What’s next for membership organisations?

Explore the future of membership organisations in Our Latest White Paper! Our comprehensive report ‘What’s Next for Membership Organisations?’ compiles insights from key leaders in the UK’s most prominent membership organisations, gathered at a roundtable event hosted by The River Group in Summer 2023.

The River Group x Superdrug wins at UK Content Awards 2023

We’re thrilled to announce The River Group and our client Superdrug won Video Content Campaign of the Year at this years UK Content Awards on Thursday, 13th July, 2023. These awards celebrate the excellece in content marketing within agencies, in-house teams and individuals creating innovate exceptional content. The judge’s commented, “We are truly amazed by […]

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