Co-op Food
As the UK’s fifth-biggest food retailer, Co-op Food provide customers with quality, responsibly sourced, great-value food

Co-op Food

Multichannel content with a down-to-earth flavour

It’s a rare retailer that doesn’t have an online store, but logistically Co-op Food had difficulties. With their ‘local’ status increasingly under threat from the major grocers, they needed to develop content that would truly do more for their brand.

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The challenges
  • Position Co-op Food as the closest convenience retailer in the nation’s hearts and minds.
  • Inspire its customer base with new recipes and new food launches, inform and upskill customers, and offer innovative twists on classic and everyday favourites.
  • Drive retail footfall, increase and measure frequency of shop and increase basket size.

What we did

We continue to create a point of difference for Co-op Food. Research showed that recipes and ideas in competitive titles were often too difficult and off-putting. So, our approach to developing content is based on three key principles:

  1. Practicality: accessible, easy-to-follow, straightforward recipes and advice.
  2. Fun: the magazine is for everyone, and is never intimidating – food is fun.
  3. Enticing: encouraging and inspiring.

At the heart of our omnichannel content strategy is Co-op Food magazine. Loved by customers and Co-op colleagues alike, the magazine offers a mix of delicious, easy-to-follow recipes, new products, healthy living information and a behind-the-scenes look at how Co-op food is brought to customers. We follow the same principles to create, produce and deploy content across multiple platforms, delivering content in the way that customers most want it.

Video content is particularly successfully used to demystify simple recipe processes and to show how easy the recipes are to make. In Jan 2018, our simple slow-cooked chocolate sponge received over 300,000 organic views, ultimately reaching over 1m.

Our Meet the Producer video introduces viewers to the artisan food heroes behind food at Co-op – the dairy farmers rearing Co-op’s British-only fresh meat, the Easter egg makers, the Spanish olive growers.

Additionally, our magazine content is repurposed in a multitude of ways to deliver real value for Co-op. Beautiful cover photography instantly creates Instagram feeds; photography and recipe contents create a rich content experience for users of the digital recipe portal.

Our digital offering has gone from strength to strength in partnership with our content strategists, River. In a saturated market we have managed to hold a solid position against both our competitors and newsstand titles alike. We get consistently positive feedback and engagement from customers, and the digital magazine download chart results speak for themselves. We’re delighted to continue working closely with River on this.

Mundi Champ, Digital Marketing, Co-op Food

Markers of our success
Increase in average YouTube view duration

Research in 2017 showed that Co-op Food content has a stronger impact on NPS than press ads, social media and TV ads.

Increase in average page views per issue

Reaching over 3 million customers with our content in 2017.

Increase in YouTube subscribers

In Jan 2018, our content drove Co-op’s biggest ever engagement through social channels.