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Does the UK need another PR agency?

Concepting Maven Communications…..

The UK PR and communications agency landscape is crowded and growing. The PRCA Census in 2018 had the landscape at £13.8 billion, up from £12.9 billion in 2016. An impressive 7% growth.

Employing 86,000 staff across thousands of businesses at the time of writing – large, small & one-person consultancies – is there really a need for another start up? Well no. But…

As I said in my speech at my (second) wedding last year (Dear Reader, I’m ecstatically happy. My husband is a saint), I didn’t need another husband. I wasn’t looking for one. But I wanted him when I saw him.

Drum roll please…enter Stage Left, a new PR agency, Maven Communications.

Why Maven? Well it means expert. And we are. Run by Lisa Taylor of Well Hello success, Maven ticks all the boxes that Jose Manuel Velasco (Chair of the Global Alliance for PR and Communications Management) stipulates as the ten needs for great PR in 2019.

These are: transparency (in the era of fake news), authenticity (don’t say what you can’t prove/believe in), corporate purpose (vision and mission alignment), good storytelling (real people), the micro video boom (tell me in ten seconds, or I’ll yawn and swipe), omni-channel (bed, bog, bath), co-creation (create joint stories with your audience by creating super fans for your brand), the entertainment factor (truly engage me), co-operation with other functions (don’t hide your home work from other marketing functions), accreditation of the value of communications (goes without saying).

Maven is jointly owned by Lisa and Nicki. Nicki is me. In a world where content is king, communicating with your consumers in the right way – via the right channels seamlessly – is paramount. With the backing of The River Group, a full-service award winning marketing agency, Lisa and I have combined our passion and expertise to launch Maven and deliver the very best outcomes for our clients.

We are proud to launch our new public relations agency and we’ll be announcing our new client wins over the coming weeks.


That’s our ethos. We will only work with brands that have the consumer’s interests at heart. If that’s your brand then give us a call. Or pop into our Hyde Park office for a pot of tea with Nicki or a coffee with Lisa. Or a bottle of wine with us both.

If you are a charity or NFP then we are offering mates rates. BECAUSE YOU DO GOOD THINGS.

Could you be our fourth client? We are open for interviews from 01/10/19. Kettle’s on.

Call Lisa on 07766 785656 or Nicki on 07917 083236.

Nicola Murphy
Nicola Murphy
Chief Executive Officer

Nicki has had an extensive career in marketing. Before all things River, founded by Nicki in 1994, she worked in magazines for three years and in marketing for six years at Procter & Gamble.

Outside of work Nicki is a proud mum of six young adults, two chocolate labradors and four cats! She is an eighteen-year trustee of The Good Rock Foundation and is also a four-year director and trustee of The Katie Piper Foundation.

Nicki is a big supporter of the PPA and an active member of FIPP, the CIM and The Marketing Society.

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