How I Did It: Mollie Hammond

Mollie Hammond

It’s Monday morning, and here I am staring deep into the eyes of Marcel Somerville (y’know, the one who was in Love Island and Blazin’ Squad) while slowly flexing my guns. I couldn’t help but think, how the hell did I get here?

OK, OK, it isn’t as weird as it sounds. I somehow managed to rope him into a fitness story that involved us hitting the gym together. Buuuuuut the point I’m trying to make is that I get such variety in my job – and that’s the beauty of it.

After leaving uni with a first-class degree in journalism, and taking up beauty desk internships at Grazia, Stylist, Look and Cosmopolitan, I landed the role of editorial assistant at DARE magazine, and 10 months later, I was promoted to junior beauty writer. In the past year, I’ve completed my first cover interview with Rochelle Humes, starred in a load of videos for the SuperdrugLoves YouTube channel, and made the shortlist for Rising Star at the British Media Awards 2018 (fingers crossed). Oh, and not forgetting the day I had my boobs covered in glitter, in the name of beauty journalism…

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