I’m an Account Director, get me out of here…


…literally, I thought, as the zip on the exit flap of the inflatable snowdome jammed for a heart-stopping second. What a fitting end to a rollercoaster 2018 to see your humble Account Director wheeled out of Manchester Central convention centre trapped in his winter wonderland pod, like Derek Smalls in that scene from Spinal Tap.

But all turned out well in the end, and I was able to escape with dignity (almost) intact and enjoy Co-op’s fantastic annual supplier briefing, hearing all about Co-op’s great work in ensuring an ethical and mutually rewarding supply chain that works for all partners and customers.

Then to the evening and the black-tie Pioneer Awards, celebrating the innovative work of modern-day pioneers in the wider Co-op family, working tirelessly to reduce or eradicate plastics in packaging, emissions in the production and distribution cycle, and doing their bit to create a more sustainable future for us all.

We were treated to delicious Co-op food and drink, entertained by fairground rides, magicians, theatre and acrobatic troupes, and brass versions of club classics. And, in another blast from the past, Craig David.

Lots to celebrate then – and so, too, for the Co-op Food Team in 2018, a year in which we’ve breathed new life into Co-op’s Food content. We’re still delivering on the promise of everyday accessible food inspiration, but now electrified through a relentless focus on beautiful food and an ethos that transforms the midweek supper into a riot of on-trend deliciousness. Whether that involves new and unusual ingredients, unexpected twists on classics, flavours from around the world, or indulgent ready meals for that Irresistible treat – all are available from your local Co-op.

Millions of Co-op customers have viewed and liked our content this year, and so, as we wrap up a great year on Food, we’re already looking forward to unwrapping even more juicy morsels in 2019.

Merry Christmas!
From the Co-op Food Team

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