River’s CEO Nicola Murphy shows her Winning Attitude

Photo by Olesya Grichina on Unsplash

In a white paper for Zircon that focused on ‘Winning Attitudes’, River’s CEO Nicola Murphy was asked to comment on the topic. The research found that there are 10 attributes of a Winning Attitude including, Realistic Optimism, Burning Ambition and Maximising Opportunities!

Photo by Olesya Grichina on Unsplash

Exploring the main attributes of successful people from Olympians like Jon Eley to businesswomen such as Jacqueline Gold CBE, she recommended:

“You need to keep going in one direction and strive. If there is a bump in the road, go around it.”
Nicola Murphy, CEO, The River Group.

You can read the white paper at Zircon’s website.

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