2019’s most exciting fragrance trends predicted by The Perfume Shop Editor

woman with a floral head piece

From Ariana Grande to Calvin Klein – Editor for The Perfume Shop, Lauren Carbran, reveals the three big fragrance trends that you’ll see (and smell) from the biggest brands and designers this spring.

woman with a floral head piece
Female empowerment and floral bouquets feature prominently in fragrance this spring

Female empowerment

Unisex scents have been trending in the fragrance world for a few years, but now it’s all about girl power. Increasingly, more new launches are both inspired by femininity and are a response to the way women are viewed in society. And I’m all for it!

I admire the fragrance houses that unapologetically throw the rule books out of the window. What’s wrong with being rebellious, after all? Cue Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal for her, the perfume that smells of blood orange and honey, and has a pair of women’s legs as the bottle’s lid.

Perfume brands are also starting to opt for female campaign faces that don’t radiate sex appeal. Instead, we’re in a time when female voices of power are starting to become the new cool, like Lupita Nyong’o and Saoirse Ronan in the Calvin Klein Women campaign. It’s also spilling over into the creation of scents, the new Cacharel Yes I Am (which you must smell, if you haven’t already) was created by a female perfumer, Honorine Blanc.

Celebrities such as Ariana Grande are turning to fragrance as a power tool, targeting new and old fans from the fragrance and music scene. The words ‘Ariana Grande perfume’ alone get 14.8k average monthly searches – and the singer’s latest fragrance project, Cloud Eau de Parfum, is set to be a biggie.

Floral bouquets

Some trends are cyclical, and this is true of floral scents. Every year, floral perfumes become the talking point of spring, which is why the biggest brands are now launching rose or floral versions of already popular fragrances.

This year, we’ll see Guerlain Mon Guerlain Bloom of Rose, YSL Mon Paris Florale and Armani Si Fiori launch in March. Just one spritz of these and you’ll smell a beautiful bouquet of roses, peonies, orange blossom and lavender. And with the Chelsea Flower Show coming up in May, it’s a great time for these fragrances to be in the spotlight.


With the health-food sector promoting clean eating, vegan diets and green smoothies 24/7, you may be wondering where you can get your calorie-free sugar rush from? The perfume industry has the answer – and anyone with a sweet tooth is going to love the intense gourmand trend. These are fragrances with delicious accords of food, which smell good enough to eat.

I’m loving the new YSL Black Opium Intense, which oozes coffee, liquorice and vanilla for a sensual, powerful blend. While Hugo Boss The Scent Private Accord for men is a warm, seductive fragrance blending cocoa absolute, ginger and mocha. How fabulous!

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