The Rise of Sustainable Scents


Sustainable beauty has been trending for a while now, and if you haven’t heard of it, where have you been? You just can’t miss it – vegan, recyclable and clean beauty are the buzzwords of the moment. But the latest trend is sustainable scents, proving that you can do your bit for the planet while […]

2019’s most exciting fragrance trends predicted by The Perfume Shop Editor

woman with a floral head piece

From Ariana Grande to Calvin Klein – Editor for The Perfume Shop, Lauren Carbran, reveals the three big fragrance trends that you’ll see (and smell) from the biggest brands and designers this spring. Female empowerment Unisex scents have been trending in the fragrance world for a few years, but now it’s all about girl power. […]

What the Somerset House Perfume Exhibition teaches us about branding

Fragrance – something you smell. Seems obvious, straightforward – and all you need to know, you’d think. But when I went to A Sensory Journey Through Contemporary Scent perfume exhibition at London’s Somerset House (open until 23 September 2017), it blew my mind…

A Day in the Life of Lauren Carbran, Editor of the Scents Blog

Call me cheesy, but on 28 February 2016 I started the job of my dreams – editor of The Perfume Shop’s blog, SCENTS, at The River Group. I practically skip to work every morning, making the businessmen and city bankers VERY jealous on the bus commute. So here’s a typical day in my working life…