A Day in the Life of Lauren Carbran, Editor of the Scents Blog


Call me cheesy, but on 28 February 2016 I started the job of my dreams – blog editor of The Perfume Shop’s blog, SCENTS, at The River Group.

I practically skip to work every morning, making the businessmen and city bankers VERY jealous on the bus commute. So here’s a typical day in my working life…

My alarm rings but it never wakes me up. So when my fiancé, Phil, has shaken and tugged me for 10 minutes, I finally get out of bed.

I make a fruit salad (loving mango, strawberries, blueberries and banana ATM) and cover it with goat’s yogurt, honey and chia seeds. Starting the day off with a healthy breakfast keeps me energised on my commute to work. (Let’s be real – I usually grab a pain au raisin at Pret just before I head into the office.)

I walk into the River office, where I instantly feel uplifted and inspired. It’s not only a creative hub but also the friendliest place I’ve ever worked – even when it’s dark and gloomy outside. After my cuddle with River, the office dog, I check my emails and have a quick phone catch-up with my client, The Perfume Shop, telling them what I’ll be up to – it’s an exciting day ahead!

I meet a brand PR for breakfast at Berner’s Tavern. We chat about the new launches, about how I can support them with content on the blog, and we discuss videos, photo-shoot opportunities and any exclusive content. Then we eat our avocado toast (seasoned with lemon and capers). It’s a hard life…

Back at the office. Zac Efron is the new face of Hugo Boss Hugo Man and the new Hugo Iced fragrance, and he’s currently in Miami getting ready for a Facebook Live. I send him my interview questions, he’ll give the answers to his agent, and his agent will then send them back to me. If only I could hop on a flight and get him to sing a song to me from High School Musical (dream).

Actor and singer, Zac Efron

This week on the blog, I’m testing the new Prada Candy Gloss scent for her. I test it on a blotter, leave it for 30 minutes, smell it again and then start writing my review. It’s gorgeous – very delicate and feminine, with notes of sour cherry, almond, orange blossom and vanilla. I’m so obsessed that I may wear it on my wedding day.

Lauren testing the new Prada Candy Gloss fragrance

Lunchtime. The office is less than five minutes’ walk from Hyde Park, so I’ll have a quick stroll there, or if my bank account looks happy, I’ll head down Oxford Street…

There’s usually a press event showcasing a new perfume launch in the afternoon. Today, I’m at a lunch to celebrate the launch of the new Abercrombie & Fitch First Instinct For Women, a sparkling blend of passion fruit, magnolia and amber. My seabass topped with tomatoes and spinach is divine…

I start creating mood boards digitally for my photo shoot next week, which is so much fun to do. My brief is to create stunning images for the SCENTS blog, using new and commercial perfumes that The Perfume Shop wants to promote. The next step? Calling in the products.

My work in the office is done, but it doesn’t end there. I make my way to the Sarah Jessica Parker new launch event for Stash, which is being held in the Oscar Wilde Bar at the Hotel Café Royal. It’s now 19.30 and Sarah Jessica Parker has arrived. She’s wearing a long-sleeved red floral skater dress with her hair in loose curls. Can I just be her best friend? She tells me how excited she is for her perfume to launch at The Perfume Shop. My day is made.

Sarah Jessica Park

It’s time to interview Michael Bublé over the phone – he’s in New York and I’m in North London. I call just after I’ve eaten my dinner, and he’s SO intrigued that I’ve just had a jacket potato with tuna and sweetcorn. Is that not cool in Canada? We talk about his fragrance for women, By Invitation, and I love how passionate he is about it.

Singer, songwriter, actor and record producer, Michael Bublé

It’s finally time to sleep, and I can’t help but wonder what tomorrow will have in store for me…

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