Content Marketing in the Autumn

Content Marketing in the Summer/Autumn | Contentology #17

Summer’s over but did it ever begin? As we wade through unsurprising rainfall, you may have had a glimpse of sunshine or a day of unnecessary heat – all part of the typical British summer.

Content Marketing in the Summer/Autumn | Contentology #17

Music and dancing are now just a distant memory; lying under the sun replaced by grey skies or trying to grab that last-minute seat on the commute. However, British weather would not be complete without the special mention of an unpredictable heatwave – and words like “since records began”.

Although the rustle of autumn leaves among the many busy feet may frustrate you, there is always a silver lining to our overcast skyline. So light a barbecue, carry an umbrella, fly a kite and get that scarf out… Contentology is moving with the seasons and we’ve a lot to get through!


In a bid to reach a younger audience, Nescafé shifted all of its websites onto Tumblr. The new platform allows fans to share images, videos, GIFs and other “coffee-related content”. The move reportedly generated an additional $200,000 (£155,000) in the first half of 2016, with monthly visits rising by 20% on mobile. There are already a number of brands that have also gone social with Tumblr, including L’Oréal Paris, Toyota, American Express and Cathay Pacific, but whether this becomes a much larger trend for brands remains to be seen.

Augmented reality, which blends real-life and digital experiences was given a big thumbs-up as people went crazy for Pokémon Go. Just under 21 million daily active users saw Nintendo’s game climb to the No. 1 spot on the App Store and become the biggest mobile game in US history. McDonald’s even became a partner and, with that, the first brand to advertise, capitalising on the app’s mobile location data.

Pokémon Go took everyone by surprise but what it really demonstrates is how an audience can adapt very quickly to a new experience. For anyone who has witnessed the slightly bizarre occurrence of someone trying to catch a Pokémon, it really is a glimpse of digital storytelling going into the real world.

Content we like

Virgin Media

It would be hard to watch the Olympics without thinking back to this Virgin Media advert featuring Usain Bolt. No individual products are given a mention, but instead the storytelling is allowed to have the final say. Slick action sequences and graphics are backed up by narration from Michael Johnson.

Sprite | 2016 Lyrical Collection 15

Drawing on American hip-hop culture, Sprite manages to conjure up a surprise hit with this ad – gaining over 11.5 million views to date. The drinks brand was clearly thinking of mobile when it produced the 15-second clip, which makes the perfect length for that format.

Inside the Wardrobe of Miranda Kerr | British Vogue

British Vogue has been working hard behind the scenes, especially when it comes to its YouTube channel – totalling nearly 300,000 subscribers and millions of views. One of its more popular offerings is a tour of Miranda Kerr’s wardrobe. Set in LA, the video guides you through a range of her clothes, shoes and bags, followed by a light-hearted interview of quick-fire questions.

September anniversaries

  1. Electric Telegraph Company founded, 2 September 1845.
  2. Britain declares war on Germany, 3 September 1939.
  3. English synthpop duo Soft Cell reach number one on the UK singles chart with Tainted Love, 5 September 1981.
  4. Arsenal F.C. play their first league match at their new Highbury stadium, 6 September 1913.
  5. Elias Howe patents his sewing machine, 10 September 1846.
  6. The first traffic wardens are deployed in London, 19 September 1960.
  7. Black Wednesday sees the government withdrawing the pound from the European Exchange Rate Mechanism, 16 September 1992.
  8. Start of the Seoul Olympics, South Korea, where Great Britain picked up 5 gold, 10 silver and 9 bronze medals, 17 September 1988.
  9. The New York Times newspaper publishes its first edition, 18 September 1851.
  10. The planet Neptune is discovered, 23 September 1846.

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