💌 A love letter to River 💌 – By Wendy Watts

Oh River, have we really been together for nearly 30 years? It feels like yesterday when we met, in November 1994. I admit, I was a little jaded from the sudden endings of the two ‘loves’ before you, which crashed and burned. Not so you. You were stronger.

Paper – recycled or non-recycled? ♻️

Pre Covid, it was de rigueur among marketers to insist that all publications were produced on recycled paper. They felt that this proved to their customers that they were doing the right thing and ticking the environmental ‘green’ box.
It was an over-simplification of the environmental challenge. There was a perception that paper was bad for the environment and, if paper was to be used, then it had to be recycled.

Marketing the menopause

In case you haven’t been paying attention, menopause is firmly on trend. Surprising perhaps, given the subject matter, but not so surprising when you consider the audience – midlife women, who came of age in the lairy, ladette nineties and who aren’t ready to totter off into the sunset any time soon, reinvigorated in the post-#metoo era. A demographic often neglected by marketeers, but with money and attitude to spare – and a clear need state. As an agency with journalistic expertise in health and beauty, we’ve regularly created ‘World Menopause Day’ content over the years, but this year feels… different.

Where to fish for social insights when the pond turns into a cesspit?

Expressing the opinion that Twitter/X.com is a horrible, toxic place full of fake -news, perma-outrage, abuse, and bots whose job it is to perpetuate all of the above, isn’t exactly a hot take. However, despite this being the case for a while now, it’s hard to deny that there has been somewhat of a further downturn in the health of the platform since the disruptive takeover of Elon Musk.

Smarter budgets, Happier Clients, Happier Agencies

by Rupert Foy, Group Deputy Managing Director Agencies are facing a transformative phase. AI looms over the creative department, threatening to deliver upon mood boards, billboards and video content – if only it can get the hands right (see a recent attempt at an AI beer advert here). Harrowing stuff indeed. But, in all seriousness, […]

The return of brown

By Phil Tristram Back in the seventies at school, my then art teacher confiscated my black paint. She said I was using too much of it and wanted me to try other colours. Although miffed (I was in my black period), the ban forced me into experimenting – and it worked! My paintings and drawings […]

The power of the dog

by Ellie Hughes  Another monthly SLT meeting, another discussion about office culture. How can we make sure people are enjoying their time in the office, thus enabling their creative juices to fully flow? How can we get everyone socialising across the agency – juniors with board members, creative with account management? Sound familiar? One answer: […]

Five slow cooked wonders for the weekend

slow cook recipes

Despite all the obvious hurdles that have come our way this year, it’s safe to say that this pandemic has revealed the hidden talents of many cooks and bakers – or at least improved their results – across the globe. From the banana-bread hype, which achieved a record-breaking 525% increase in Google searches, to the […]

Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own photographs of iconic music artists for charity

Mick Jagger

Over 100 iconic prints of world renowned music artists taken by globally celebrated photographers including Rankin, Tony McGee and Jill Furmanovsky are going on sale today.  Available for £95 each, the sale represents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own a piece of music history, with many of the prints usually unavailable to buy. 100% of proceeds […]

Five ways to remain connected with your team – remotely

For some, working from home has been their norm from day one. For others, this has been a whole new minefield – one that comes with problematic challenges and wellness concerns. Why? From the decrease in face-to-face interactions and unchanging scenery, to the lack of office energy and continued Covid frustrations.  At The River Group, […]

5 Desk Yoga Poses

5 desk yoga poses

As I sit here writing the next instalment to our Lockdown Wellness series, I’m hunched over a miniature poker table and sat on a harsh wooden kitchen chair – which at the time of purchase was a ding-dong bargain, but now a cry for help. Realistically, many others will be experiencing the same issues as […]

How To Move On From The ‘No Time’ Myth

woman working from home

With our constantly connected, fast-paced lifestyles, it’s not surprising we feel under stress to keep up. But a few simple strategies to manage your time can help you feel calmer and more in control We live in a world where groceries, advice and even a hot meal are all available at the touch of a […]

6 things to do when we would have been commuting

Due to the government guidelines around social distancing, those of us who aren’t essential workers are getting used to WFH right now. And that’s given us a little stretch of extra time in the mornings and evenings instead of our regular journey to the office. It’s tempting to curl up under the duvet for longer […]

WFH lunches: mozzarella, mushroom and pesto sourdough toasties

In need of some #WFH lunch inspo? The beauty of working from home is that you have the time and space to give your lunches a little extra love. That’s why we’re giving our staple cheese toasties a nutrition-boosting upgrade. With added vitamin D and protein from mushrooms, plus folates and antioxidants from sourdough toast, […]

3 classic yoga moves for at-home desk workers

Sitting at your desk (or kitchen table) all day, hunched over your laptop? It won’t surprise you to learn that this can contribute to back pain and a bad posture. We like to do a bit of yoga every day to combat the physical effects of desk working. Not only is it great for banishing […]