Five ways to remain connected with your team – remotely


For some, working from home has been their norm from day one. For others, this has been a whole new minefield – one that comes with problematic challenges and wellness concerns. Why? From the decrease in face-to-face interactions and unchanging scenery, to the lack of office energy and continued Covid frustrations. 

At The River Group, staying connected has been at the forefront of our company ethos – way before the pandemic even existed (we miss those times. Sigh..). But with Lockdown2 in play, and the question of when normality will return remaining unanswered, it is more important than ever to implement internal strategies to keep yourself and your team feeling empowered and appreciated. 

For this week’s instalment of our Lockdown Wellness series, here are five creative takes on ways to keep your colleagues engaged and excited – remotely.

  1. Virtual ‘hangouts’ – whether it’s a walking challenge to get your daily 10k steps in, or a slip-and-slay make-up masterclass to promote self-love and a little TLC – the list of opportunities is endless. By introducing exciting and creative initiatives, you’re helping to build a virtual culture and promoting co-creation with your colleagues. 
  2. Side-hustle projects – celebrating company work is one thing, but encouraging non-business related collaboration and projects is a powerful way to help drive motivation and promote a healthy work and personal life balance. 
  3. At-home care packages – companies organise office fruit and fizz because it’s important to treat your team and make them feel rewarded. From afternoon tea hampers to a message of gratitude – sending fun and thoughtful care packages is a great touchpoint that lets employees know they’re thought of, wherever they are. We all like to feel appreciated.
  4. A connected culture – to call this period of time crazy, well, that’s a little bit of an understatement. It’s always important for people to feel connected,especially during a pandemic (and in normal times!). Whether you’re encouraging teams to share funny moments, or even a new recipe they’ve conjured up at home, by creating a culture of connectedness, you’re making people feel like people, rather than employees. 
  5. Show of appreciation – from childhood to adult years, as human beings, we all  appreciate recognition and reward. A simple thanks or shout-out goes a long way – and can positively impact employee engagement and motivation. Let’s be real, remote working isn’t something people signed up for, but they are well and truly giving it 100% effort. 

So, there you have it – five simple, yet incredibly effective, ways to keep your colleagues engaged and excited when working remotely.

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