Five slow cooked wonders for the weekend

slow cook recipes

Despite all the obvious hurdles that have come our way this year, it’s safe to say that this pandemic has revealed the hidden talents of many cooks and bakers – or at least improved their results – across the globe. From the banana-bread hype, which achieved a record-breaking 525% increase in Google searches, to the evolution of everyday cooking trends, our creative sides have shone through.

As we’re an integrated marketing agency that specialises in food content, it makes sense that the next, and final (sigh), Lockdown Wellness instalment is all about – you guessed it – food! 

Make the most of your weekend cooking (but with very little effort!) with these five slow-cooker recipes. You can easily do them on the hob if you don’t have a slow cooker, and you can double the ingredients so you’ll have enough for lunches during the week. These recipes are comforting and delightfully hearty – the perfect dishes to help you relax and unwind after a heavy week.

  1. Slow cooker meatballs Serve these with your favourite pasta (ours is spaghetti) and a blanket of cheese – just the recipe to fulfil your wholesome desires.
  2. Slow cooker beef chilli Chocolate and coffee? Some would say bonkers, we say beautiful! Make a big batch of this to keep in the freezer – ideal for winter nights. 
  3. Veggie stew with herby dumplings While this isn’t made in a slow cooker, the longer you leave to cook, the more flavoursome it will be (cue tummy rumbles). And dumplings are a real comforting treat, after all! 
  4. Slow cooker chicken saag Low in saturated fat, this slow-cooked wonder will leave your kitchen full of aromas that will teleport you across international seas – simply divine. 
  5. Slow cooker apple cider butter Apple butter? Yes! Ordinary butter will never seem the same again – spread on crumpets, stir into porridge, or drizzle on top of ice cream for the ultimate sweet treat.

So, there you have it – five undeniably scrumptious recipes that are guaranteed to leave your taste buds dancing with delight, and happy bellies all round. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed our series of wholesome content – but, more importantly, that we’ve helped support you during lockdown. Truly, we’re in this together. 

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