Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own photographs of iconic music artists for charity

Mick Jagger

Over 100 iconic prints of world renowned music artists taken by globally celebrated photographers including Rankin, Tony McGee and Jill Furmanovsky are going on sale today.  Available for £95 each, the sale represents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own a piece of music history, with many of the prints usually unavailable to buy. 100% of proceeds […]

5 ways to reduce self-isolation and working from home stress.

5 Ways to Reduce Self-isolation and WFH Stress

2020, what a year it’s been. With only a few months left and a new lockdown in place – now, it’s more important than ever to show support, provide empowerment and collaborate together on how best to beat the Covid-blues! Every week, the team here at The River Group will be joining forces to identify […]

Content Talks podcast makes the Pod Bible weekly Playlist

Pod Bible

River Sounds eight part content marketing podcast series, Content Talks is on this week’s Pod Bible Weekly list, which can be found on the home screen of the Acast podcast app. Also listed are popular podcasts such as Drunk Women Solving Crimeand TED Talks Daily. Pod Bible is the UK’s first ever publication dedicated to […]

The power of giving

These are strange days indeed. Frightening and interesting in equal measure. The frightening aspect will hopefully pass, and this writer does not wish to comment on that other than wishing the reader a safe passage. What is interesting, though, is observing how society and business are adapting and thinking about how we will exit this […]

The power of suggestion

For anyone who has ever tried to get a small child to eat their dinner or tidy their room, there is a universal truth. Shouting doesn’t work. Turning it into a game involving a spoon masked as an imaginary aeroplane, or a race to see how quickly your toys can get back in their box, […]

Practice makes perfect

Business podcasts

If you want to be good at skateboarding, you know what you have to do? That’s right, practise skateboarding – a lot. Practice makes perfect, as our parents used to say to us when we’d tired of trying to master whatever wholly unsuitable musical instrument had been thrust upon us age five. The violin? Really? […]

Who should tell your story?

Business podcasts - User-generated content marketing

User-generated content (UGC) has come a long way since we gathered in the sitting room to observe ourselves silently having a picnic on the beach for two minutes. For some of us it reached its zenith with You’ve Been Framed or Kids Say The Funniest Things on Saturday night primetime TV, but let’s accept that […]

Be something that matters

Restructuring Growth for Business podcasts - Membership Organisations

Membership organisations have been around since the time of the ancient Greeks when people were allowed to associate independently for a variety of reasons as long as they kept within the law. During medieval times these’ clubs’ were more akin to informal gatherings of friends for drinking (how nothing changes) but evolved during the 17th […]

Content and the power of outliers

Content Talks Podcast - in-house marketing team vs an agency

Outlier – a person or thing differing from all other members of a particular group or set. When it comes to solving complex problems, personal or otherwise, we often ask others for advice. We surmise that it’s important to get another perspective. Why is this? Well, it’s because not everyone thinks like we do or […]

What is your brand for?

Content Talks Podcast - How to build a brand halo

Never let it be said that the marketing industry doesn’t love a good trend. We spend a lot of our time waiting for the next one, hoping and praying that we can join its long trail of pilgrims.  All drunk on the Kool-Aid, all eager to say we saw the light and thankful it brings […]