5 ways to reduce self-isolation and working from home stress.

5 Ways to Reduce Self-isolation and WFH Stress

2020, what a year it’s been. With only a few months left and a new lockdown in place – now, it’s more important than ever to show support, provide empowerment and collaborate together on how best to beat the Covid-blues! Every week, the team here at The River Group will be joining forces to identify the best tips and tricks for staying motivated, hacks for combating work-station pains and so much more. Why? Because we’re in this together! 

For the first installment, here are five ways to reduce self-isolation and working from home stress.

  1. Step away from what you’re doing – it’s so easy to roll out of bed, plonk yourself at the desk, and remain there until the sun’s gone down. Whether it’s five minutes to reply to a friend’s message or ten to read another chapter of your book, from drawing focus to another subject or matter, you’re instantly decreasing your levels of stress. Reset, recharge and return to work.
  2. Move around – did you know that walking boosts the production of stress-busting endorphins and even increases your self-esteem? If you’re a yogi at heart or fancy challenging yourself to laps of your home a day, moving your body is one of the best ways to refresh your mind and alleviate bad energy. 
  3. Change your surroundings – with social distancing hurdles in play, leaving your home or working in an office environment is limited. BUT, there is always a way to change your surroundings. From simply switching up your at home work-station scenery, to taking yourself on a walk – allowing your mind to refocus and move away from repetition is both refreshing and motivating. 
  4. Call a friend or colleague – just because we’re working from home, doesn’t mean we can’t maintain conversation – especially with the beauty of technology these days! Whether it’s Zoom-ing a friend whilst enjoying your morning coffee, or arranging virtual lunch breaks – human interaction and change of topics is mentally beneficial and helps stimulate positivity. 
  5. Be kind and gentle to yourself – we’re living in strange times, a situation and environment we could never have anticipated. Appreciating, respecting and understanding that it’s OK to not be 100% motivated or setting yourself new goals. Give yourself the permission to feel whatever emotion is necessary, surround yourself with the people you love and allow each day as it comes. Remember, no matter what you think, you’re doing GREAT! 

For more information regarding the above tips, or to simply chat and engage with one another – leave a comment below. As we said earlier, we’re in this together – we’ve got this, you’ve got this! 

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