Blog | 11 December 2013

The customer publishing industry in 2023

In 2023, I will appear more current than I do now. I will be older in years – and wiser (one can hope) but what I gain in experience will not be reflected in wrinkles. I will be rounded (in intelligence, not spine) and yet will look pristine. What am I? I am a customer magazine.

Print is dead. Long live print. A man far wiser than I said – digital is mainstream and print is becoming a cherished distraction from the (digital) world. In the last two years, print has achieved a renaissance – not in numbers of print magazines, but in the use of magazine content across more marketing mediums.

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Andy Greening
Andy Greening
Digital Manager at The River Group

Andy is Digital Manager at The River Group, specialising in digital publishing and strategy. Andy also consults on podcasting and video post-production. Follow him on Twitter @andrew_greening.

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