Fish Content Agency launches

The River Group are excited to announce the launch of Fish Content Agency this week, a new company dedicated solely to membership organisations.
Fish Content will be based in Peterborough and welcomes Mike Barnes as the new Managing Director.

Mike has extensive experience in membership, having worked as a Marketing and Business Development Director for the Direct Marketing Association and British Eventing and as a consultant to several other clients in the sector.

The agency will be full service and will benefit from being part of the London based River Group by drawing on resource, widespread membership experience and buying power.

Nicola Murphy, CEO of the River Group, said:

“I am very excited about this new venture, Mike brings a great knowledge and experience of both membership clients and agency operation and we want to maximise the choice and potential out there. We have a number of large membership clients in River and this will help to focus more on the sector and extend our reach to the mid -range and smaller organisations.”

Mike Barnes, MD of Fish, said:

“I always felt there was a London versus regional choice when selecting an agency. This model allows the resources and people in the Capital to support an agile, flexible and cost -effective model in the regions. Membership organisations are very special and face their own internal challenges with similar needs. We get that and it’s what will make us different as a service provider.”

River Group Content Limited:
Nicola Murphy, CEO
The River Group is a 24-year-old, full-service content marketing agency based in Marble Arch, London. In an age of content spam, we don’t add to the noise, we make lean content designed around a simple consumer/brand value equation. Our content combines the new science of digital media and the old artistry of storytelling. We produce content for web, social and print, to address hard-nosed marketing objectives for 20 clients including Holland & Barrett, Co-op, Superdrug, BBC Worldwide, Princess Cruises, Cunard, WW, Ramblers. We have 104 staff and work across 18 international markets with billings of £15million.

Fish Content Agency:
Mike Barnes, MD
Fish Content Agency is a full service agency dedicated to membership bodies in the charity, trade, consumer and business markets. Based in the regions and led by MD Mike Barnes, the agency offers an agile and cost-effective solution for all membership organisations, whilst benefitting by being part of the larger London based River Group.

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