Healthy For Men Podcast shortlisted for the Mind Media Awards 2018

Healthy for Men Podcast

The first episode of the Healthy For Men podumentary series has been shortlisted in the best podcast category for the Mind Media Awards 2018. The awards recognise and celebrate the best representations of mental health across media channels.  

Male mental health is a crisis of the modern age but is a subject which has been largely ignored. In a bold move to tackle the real issues facing today’s men, the River Group created a ground-breaking podcast on the different aspects of anxiety and its impact on those who experience it.

Helen Johnston, Editorial Director of The River Group, said: “We are delighted that the inaugural Healthy For Men podcast has been shortlisted for the Mind Media Awards. Tackling the taboo of mental health issues among young men is high on the agenda for our editorial team. Healthy For Men Editor, Tom Rowley, understands what a key area for concern this is among his readers and what profound implications the illness can have. The move into podcasts also demonstrates The River Group’s commitment to embracing new formats in order to speak to relevant audiences on the platforms they prefer.”

In the first episode ‘What is Anxiety?’, HFM Editor, Tom Rowley, speaks with both mental health campaigner Jonny Benjamin and TV documentary maker Bruce Parry about what their experiences have taught them about mental health and mental wellbeing.

This HFM Podumentary explores the modern mental health epidemic in its true reality – from the world of pro-wrestling, to the tribal people of Borneo, we discover innovative ways anxiety disorders are being tackled today, to help create a positive dialogue about mental health, and learn the difference between a healthy reaction to our environment, and a psychiatric diagnosis.

This podcast takes an accessible yet immersive approach, by speaking to a wide range of experts to understand their different methods and treatments of mental health. We hear from a psychiatrist, a hypnotist, a sophrologist, and take a look at candid case studies to understand the nature of anxiety

The podcast was created to champion the experts, bring the discussion into the open and show that reaching out and creating a positive dialogue is an enabling step towards personal empowerment in dealing with anxiety in all its forms.

This was the first episode of the Healthy For Men podcast series, which was launched in early June, across all major podcast platforms.

Within two weeks the podcast had reached a global audience with listeners in the UK, US, Canada, Qatar and Spain.

The team was overwhelmed with positive comments from listeners such as ‘Men talking honestly about their feelings. Authentic and compelling,’ and ‘This is the first podcast I listened to and really enjoyed. I feel a lot less ignorant about mental health’ (iTunes comments).

‘Great podcast. Really well produced. Reminded me of RadioLab,’ the organic positive engagement continued.

It’s been downloaded over 3,400 times and continues to drive positive engagement. In recognition of its success and relevance, the Healthy For Men brand partner, Holland & Barrett, is supporting the podcast across its own social channels.

The podcast has also achieved sponsorship from the food brand, Bounce Foods UK, who exclusively committed to the series until early 2019.

The social media buzz around the podcast continues with charities such as the YMCA embracing it on their social channels.

‘There is no shame in having #Mentalhealth difficulties! @HealthyForMen has launched a new podcast, with the first episode exploring anxiety, what it is and when it becomes a disorder.’ (Twitter)

The podcast is also being promoted in upcoming issues of Healthy For Men, which will reach a readership of around 219,000.

For more information contact:

River Group Content Limited:
Nikki Reginiano

Holland & Barrett:
Pegasus PR on 01273 712 000

Holland & Barrett is Europe’s largest health and wellness retailer leading the market with a broad range of vitamins, supplements, specialist food, sports nutrition and ethical beauty brands. Established in 1870 it is owned by the Letter One Retail Group (L1 Retail) and currently operates more than 1,150 stores worldwide (including 800 in the UK and Ireland) as well as a rapidly expanding e-commerce business. Holland & Barrett’s 4,200 Associates are highly trained in nutrition and supplements, able to advise customers on their individual needs.

The River Group is a 24-year-old, full-service content marketing agency based in Marble Arch, London. In an age of content spam, we don’t add to the noise, we make lean content designed around a simple consumer/brand value equation. Our content combines the new science of digital media and the old artistry of storytelling. We produce content for web, social and print, to address hard-nosed marketing objectives for 18 clients including Holland & Barrett, Co-op, Superdrug, BBC Worldwide, Princess Cruises, Cunard and Ramblers. We have 104 staff and work across 18 international markets and billings of £15million.

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