Q&A with Kitty Aldis, Content Manager for Co-op Food


‘Content Manager’ – explain? Basically, it’s my responsibility to manage the output of our online content.

River’s Content Manager, Kitty Aldis

I make sure that our recipes, images and videos are effectively repurposed online, via the digital magazine, client website and social media. Day to day, this involves managing the content calendar and scheduling for Co-op Food’s Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube channels, as well as co-ordinating the video and editing process.

What has been your best ‘out of office’ experience?

Attending video shoots is always really fun. We create around 6 recipe videos each month for Co-op Food’s online channels, filming various dishes from vegan soup to avocado bagels. It’s really great being part of the video process throughout, from brainstorming ideas and writing the forms, to actually seeing the food on camera and being able to input in a creative way, so that’s definitely up there in terms of job highlights.

But my absolute best experience for the magazine has to be my trip up to the Outer Hebrides to visit a salmon farm. We created a Meet the Producer video to tell customers about Co-op’s Scottish salmon, and having never been to Scotland before, I was amazed by the landscape. It was a crazy nonstop two days winding around the highlands in a tiny car with the videographer, client and supplier. Icy winds, Pot Noodle lunch, incoherent Scottish accents and plenty of gin. I’ll never forget it.

What has been your favourite River social function so far?

Can you remember the Christmas party at Winter Wonderland? Remember all the free soft pretzels? Yeah, that.

What’s the best part about your job?

Probably the whole focus on food. Even though it means I’m hungry all the time, I do get a kick out of boasting to my friends about recipe research, issue planning and video shoots. I’m so lucky to have a job that is linked to my personal interests, with both contributing to the other. Do you ever scroll through endless pics of food on Instagram? I count that as ‘research’…

What ‘life lessons’ have you learnt at River so far?

I started here as an editorial assistant straight out of university, so I feel like a lot has changed since then. Over the past two years, I’ve definitely become more confident – partly from moving to London, but also through the hands-on tasks within my role. I’ve had to learn to speak up when needed, take action and manage tasks independently.

In terms of ‘life lessons’, I’ve learnt that everything works out better when you’re enjoying yourself. Even if I’m doing a less exciting task, or if there’s a stressful situation, I like to tackle things in a good mood. Probably a bit wet, but everything is easier when you stay grounded – it’s just a magazine right? Or another piece of BAU content in my case…

Any exciting next steps?

A highly successful hand modelling career, obviously.

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