Day in a life: Group Account Director, Kate Burton

As the Group Account Director for The Co-operative Food and regional retail groups, Kate Burton came to The River Group having previously worked as a Publishing Director at a multichannel publishing agency and as an editor in customer publishing.

Print and digital: a hybrid future

Printed media simply can’t keep up with the speed and findability of digital; by the time news has been committed to paper, it’s already old. Digital content feeds the consumer demand for immediate information or entertainment at little or no cost to the reader. Without the need for printed press processes, the production time and costs for digital content can be reduced.

How to internationalise your publishing strategy

Editorial pillars and brand values are the same in every Weight Watchers edition – but there are many differences. No one has longer words than the Germans, so when features are translated they can be up to a third longer. It can cause issues with the cover lines – we can’t have a word on the cover with 20 letters!