Blog | 11 July 2017

Teamwork makes the dream work

Wednesday, 28 June was a big day at Superdrug DARE HQ. It saw both the new edition of the magazine in print and the launch of our new Bolt app, a big project that couldn’t have been done without a kick-ass team…

The app has been a passion project of our account director, Sam, since she arrived at River nine months ago. It’s a continuous publishing platform for all content that we produce for Superdrug, with a feature going live every day. It drip-feeds our users with beauty news, video tutorials, celeb interviews and expert advice, and it’s entirely shoppable – users can see Superdrug products and buy them straight away. It’s been a massive team effort: Tory, group content editor, created a plan of both old and new content, Andy, digital manager, and I worked together to get the app looking great and designed 50+ features, Sophie, beauty writer, wrote extra blog posts, Mollie, editorial assistant, uploaded 100+ shoppable products, and Lorry, chief sub editor, worked on over 40 features! Not forgetting Pares, head of digital, who worked with Tory and me to create an email to drive users to download the new app… phew!

So to celebrate the launch of both the app and the print mag, we launched a social media takeover of Superdrug’s Instagram and Twitter – with its over half a million followers! We had team meetings to brainstorm ideas, and Naomi came up with a plan that we could all work together to implement. I created nine Instagram images and GIFs to appear on the @Superdrugloves grid, as well as images for Superdrug’s Insta-stories. Mollie set to work on filming a makeup tutorial with Pares (directing, not being featured!), while Naomi and Chelsea worked on competitions and #hashtags. Sam and Martin arranged A0 boards of our cover and beauty shoot to be at Superdrug HQ for the morning, as Naomi and Mollie were heading out to distribute the mag to staff and get live Insta-story content. The social media takeover was ready, with our very own Mollie being the face of DARE for the day…

The day was a massive success. We had 508k impressions and 16k engagements from our social media takeover, while 15.5k people watched our Insta-stories, and had 800 users on our app. Just shows what you can achieve with a dream team…

Hannah Kettle
Hannah Kettle
Group Art Editor

Hannah is River's Group Art Editor for AS Watson with a demonstrated history of working in the publishing industry. Skilled in graphics, typography, InDesign, art, and graphic design.