The content marketing agency has received eight nominations for the prestigious 2020 PPA Awards, celebrating the very best talent and team work within today’s publishing industry.

The nomination sweep is River’s largest ever in the PPA Awards which are now celebrating its 40th Anniversary.

Drum roll please for the outstanding shortlist…

River’s DARE team for AS Watson is nominated for Diversity Initiative of the Year Award for content that reinforces Superdrug’s position as champions of inclusivity.  Whether it’s a main beauty shoot, a first-person opinion piece, a haircare tutorial or a celebrity interview, our content consistently reaches out to every age, gender, body type, ethnicity, religion and sexual orientation. Print aside, diversity was also at the heart of our successful debut podcast series for Superdrug. In The Beauty Of It All – host Vick Hope had boundary-breaking conversations on the importance of makeup in gender transitioning, the influence of drag culture on the high street and tokenism in the beauty advertising industry. 

River’s been nominated twice for the Commercial Initiative Of The Year Award. The commercial team for Dare Magazine for their impressive work on innovative creative solutions, such as influencer partnerships, alongside continuing to grow sales across both print and digital versions of DARE.  Also shortlisted are the Healthy And Healthy For Men Magazine Advertising Teams. The Healthy and Healthy For Men Advertising Teams work collaboratively to deliver best-in-class service and bespoke solutions to their clients, whilst setting new advertising revenue records and developing creative content-based solutions. 

River has received three nominations in the PPA Unsung Hero Of The Year Award category.  

Annie Whitfield, Editorial Assistant of Dare Magazine ,has been nominated for her work across the Superdrug account. David Kenning, Chief Sub-Editor has been nominated for his work across the Healthy and Healthy For Men magazines and Nadine Brown has been short-listed for the PPA’s Unsung hero award for her role as Food Editor on WW magazine. 

River’s Holland & Barrett Content Team has been nominated for the prestigious PPA Team Of The Year Award.  Working with just seven (and a half) members, the Holland and Barrett team are responsible for producing 14 issues of two print magazines Healthy and Healthy For Men, plus associated brand collateral. The Holland and Barrett team strive to innovate; they have introduced a franchise that gives controversial experts airtime and push print medium with disruptive design, some of the small yet extraordinary lengths this team go to produce exceptional content. 

River’s Holland & Barrett’s Healthy For Men team are up for Podcast of the Year for the men’s brand media ‘Podumentary Series’. ‘What is Anxiety’ and ‘What is Toxic Masculinity’ are some of the titles that comprehensively cover important health issues, engaging with the listener through emotive storytelling from individuals who’ve accomplished incredible feats. 

River’s CEO, Nicola Murphy, said: ‘I am absolutely thrilled that River‘s been nominated eight times and once again gained industry recognition for our hugely talented people and incredible teams. Huge congratulations to Annie, David, Nadine, our Superdrug team, Holland & Barrett team and Healthy and Healthy for Men teams for their outstanding industry-leading work.  

The 2020 winners will be announced on the 30th June at a digital event.

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