2020 Campaign Publishing Awards

The content marketing agency has received four final shortlists for the prestigious 2020 Campaign Publishing Awards, which rewards the best and most innovative companies and talent in publishing and media.

What an award nomination season this is turning out to be! Hot on the heels of The River Group receiving eight shortlists for the prestigious 2020 PPA Awards, less than a week later it received four shortlists for Campaign Publishing Awards.   

Four members of the River Group team have been shortlisted for two categories; Rising Star – Content award and Editorial Leader of the Year award. 

Ellie Hughes has been shortlisted for the editorial leader of the year award for her work on Holland & Barrett’s Healthy and Healthy For Men. Ellie oversees all the omni-channel content that River produces which includes eight issues of Healthy per year, six issues of Healthy For Men, podcasts, editorial newsletters and all associated collateral for Healthy channels including digital articles and in store POS. Not only does Ellie oversee this content output, she also leads her team to produce award winning writers, innovative content creation and bold cover design strategies. 

Also shortlisted from the Holland & Barrett teams are Hattie Parish, commissioning editor for Healthy Magazine and Tom Rowley, editor of Healthy For Men Magazine, both are up for the Rising Star – Content award. 

Hattie Parish’s writing  is known for its on-trend and provocative content. Hattie has worked on articles including the exploration of the psychological impacts of pornography and a deep dive into ingrained sexism in healthcare, to name a few; approaching each feature with determination and enthusiasm. Her willingness to take on new challenges, such as regularly writing for Healthy For Men has earned her a shortlist for the Campaign Publisher’s Award, Rising Star Award.

Tom Rowley, Editor, plans and produces six issues of Healthy For Men, writing relevant thought-provoking content whilst keeping on-brand. Tom has pioneered editorial franchises and produces a podcast series alongside his work on Healthy For Men. This podcast has been shortlisted for the British Podcast Awards, Mind Media Awards, CIM, the PPA awards and finally, the ‘Podumentary Series’ won the Podcast Publishers Award this year. Tom’s work continues to give a voice to men’s wellbeing and has expanded the Healthy For Men from print into a successful digital brand. 

Finally, Andrea Leebody has also been nominated for Rising Star – Content award for her work as Deputy Editor on WW magazine. River won the WW agency contract in 2019 and since then, Andrea has led the magazine through a rebrand with her strong understanding of the magazine audience, her innovative new franchise ideas, such as Appetite for Life and her strong background in women’s monthlies and weeklies. Andrea ‘s unique understanding of her audience is well represented in her WW member success stories, featured in all 11 issues of WW magazine. Andrea is an instrumental team member and an invaluable writer for WW magazine. 

River’s CEO, Nicola Murphy, said:   “We have an incredibly talented team of people who are willing to adapt, embrace change and diversify to ensure that The River Group is making the most of this disruptive and exciting time to be working in publishing and commercial content.

I am delighted that we’ve been nominated four times in these prestigious awards which again shines a spotlight on our hugely talented people and incredible teams. Huge congratulations to Ellie, Hattie, Tom and Andrea.”  

The 2020 winners will be announced online later in the year.

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