Five slow cooked wonders for the weekend

slow cook recipes

Despite all the obvious hurdles that have come our way this year, it’s safe to say that this pandemic has revealed the hidden talents of many cooks and bakers – or at least improved their results – across the globe. From the banana-bread hype, which achieved a record-breaking 525% increase in Google searches, to the […]

Five ways to remain connected with your team – remotely

For some, working from home has been their norm from day one. For others, this has been a whole new minefield – one that comes with problematic challenges and wellness concerns. Why? From the decrease in face-to-face interactions and unchanging scenery, to the lack of office energy and continued Covid frustrations.  At The River Group, […]

5 Desk Yoga Poses

5 desk yoga poses

As I sit here writing the next instalment to our Lockdown Wellness series, I’m hunched over a miniature poker table and sat on a harsh wooden kitchen chair – which at the time of purchase was a ding-dong bargain, but now a cry for help. Realistically, many others will be experiencing the same issues as […]

5 ways to reduce self-isolation and working from home stress.

5 Ways to Reduce Self-isolation and WFH Stress

2020, what a year it’s been. With only a few months left and a new lockdown in place – now, it’s more important than ever to show support, provide empowerment and collaborate together on how best to beat the Covid-blues! Every week, the team here at The River Group will be joining forces to identify […]

The River Review 2018 – part two

The River Group

As we continue our look back at the River team’s 2018 highlights, we delve into the world of podcast launches for Healthy For Men and getting the chance to interview boxer Muhammad Ali to create a hard-hitting(!) cover feature for Balance magazine. Name: Tom Rowley Job title: Editor Client: Holland & Barrett When we launched […]

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