Introducing the innovative Content Talks podcast

Content Talks Podcast by The River Group

The River Group is proud to announce the launch of its new podcast, Content Talks.

The podcast will launch with an eight-episode series covering the world of content. With subjects ranging from brand halos to returning membership bodies to profit, we give you an insider look into successful content strategies from industry leaders themselves. 

The Content Talks podcast speaks to high-profile senior marketing professionals about how they measure their content and create business models that deliver customer engagement and product sales for their businesses. These industry leaders will help you understand how to create genuinely great and valuable content that resonates with your consumers, and makes your brand stand out on and offline. 

Our high-profile guests include:

  • Ali Jones – Chief Customer Officer, The Co-op Group
  • Anne Godfrey – Chief Executive, CIEH
  • Lysa Hardy – Chief Marketing Officer, Hotel Chocolat
  • Gill Smith – Managing Director, The Perfume Shop
  • Simon Comins – Commercial Director, Superdrug (AS Watson)
  • Barry McIlheney – Chief Executive Officer, PPA
  • James Hewes – President and Chief Executive Officer, FIPP
  • Caroline Beesley – Head of Digital Marketing, Co-op Food
  • Sam Walker – Head of Customer Campaigns, Co-op Food
  • Paul Sloggett –  Head of Member Engagement, CIWM
  • Thomas Moverley – former Director, ISMP
  • Emma Hetherington – Head of Content and News, Diabetes UK
Emma Hetherington – Head of Content and News, Diabetes UK

Nicola Murphy, CEO of The River Group, says:

“Creating this podcast has been an exciting project for River, and I am so proud of our team for creating such an inspirational and informative series. River is an award-winning omnichannel content marketing agency and we pride ourselves on being experts in what we do — as our chosen guests are in their respective industries. As a B2B podcast, it was essential to us that each episode responded to our target audience’s concerns and questions on the topic of content marketing, as well as bring valuable insights to help drive their strategic marketing decisions. The podcast covers everything from introducing new content mediums or ROI insights, to returning membership organisations to profitability. A huge thank you to all our incredible guests for helping us bring our vision to life.”

Andy Greening, Digital Manager and Podcast Producer, says:

 “Using podcasting as a medium for this project has been a fantastic opportunity to shine a light on the authentic relationships we have with our clients and friends of the business. When we set out to create Content Talks, it was vital to keep the presentation fresh and have that big production feel which a lot of marketing podcasts don’t. We’re looking to inspire new content strategies. With that in mind, discovering the podcast through keywords is going to be a big part of our growth strategy. Our goal is to have a broad reach, including people who don’t have any prior knowledge of Content Talks or The River Group.”

With 12% of the UK adult population listening to podcasts daily and the number quickly climbing, it’s a medium that shouldn’t be ignored. River Sounds is an award-winning podcast division that has produced podcasts for clients such as Holland & Barrett, Superdrug and everywoman. The launch of Content Talks is only the beginning of our future plans for the expansion of the agency. Our goal is to bring listeners the expertise and inspiration they need to strengthen and grow their content strategies to an omnichannel approach.

Download the series on your preferred podcast platform or watch them on YouTube now.

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