We’re pausing River sales and marketing messages – because professionals are people too


We’re putting people first and pausing all River Group, Maven & Fish marketing and sales messages until further notice, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Why? Because professionals are people first and foremost and we’ve made the assumption that you don’t want to be sold marketing and content services when you’re worried about the health and wellbeing of yourself, family, friends, colleagues and everyone in general. As understandably we all are at present.

Instead, in light of these uncertain times, we want to bring positivity and uplifting content to our clients, suppliers and followers. So we’ll be sharing genuinely inspirational, and helpful content instead, utilising our talented experts in health and wellness, fitness, mental health, cookery and recipe planning, nutrition, beauty and business to provide tips across these subject areas.

These might be tips to avoid cabin fever when cooped up alone or with your family, how to keep productive and stick to a routine, how to keep you inspired and spark creativity, how to keep fit and healthy, as well as other tips and hacks that we hope will leave you feeling healthier and happier. 

Don’t get us wrong, we’re still generating great content for our clients and their customers and members, just changing the tone of our own communications out of respect for the situation we all find ourselves in.

So to begin with, our experts give you five tips to kick off your week:

  1. Choose a designated area for your work and stick to it – ideally not the same area you Netflix and chill. In the same way, you would keep the bedroom for sleep and sex, keep your work area for work. If you feel like taking a break, take it somewhere that represents relaxation and fun. Tom Rowley, Editor, Healthy For Men

  2. Keeping in touch with your colleagues – No work water cooler chats? doesn’t mean you can’t still catch up with the crew. Making sure you start the team morning video call with some general bantz gets a smile on everyone’s faces and keeps you connected. Even better, you can do your early morning calls in your PJs – that unicorn 2 piece probably wouldn’t have gone down quite as well on the Central Line.  Nadine Brown, Food Editor, WW

  3. Stick to a routine – there’s a temptation to start work early, work through lunch and then stay glued to your computer in the evening. Keep your day to your normal working hours – this is vital when you’re working from home so you’re using the day effectively and you’re creating boundaries between work and home life. I also really rate Trello – it can help you plan your day and tick things off. Rebecca Denne, Editor, WW

  4. Create a Spotify playlist with your team – ‘My working from home tip is: make a team Spotify playlist. We did our first one (of many I hope) on about day three WFH. It’s great – when I hear a song I can pretty much tell who chose it, so it makes me feel like we really are all in this together.’  Ellie Hughes, Editor, Healthy

  5. Keeping up appearances – It’s super tempting to stay in your PJs, scrape your hair back and give your beauty regime no more than a cursory 30 seconds with a flannel. After all no one’s going to see you right? WRONG! Even if you live alone you’re going to see yourself and if every time you catch a glimpse of your reflection in a mirror/window/oven door (I can’t be the only one averaging six meals a day) you look tired and sad – then chances are you’re more likely to feel tired and sad too. 
    I’ve got my routine down to ten minutes- a dry shampoo boost to my fringe, quick concealer applied with a brush over redness or blemishes, curled lashes, a little liquid blusher and a tinted lip balm. This is not only infinitely cheering but also means I feel a whole lot more confident on all those House Party calls… Jo Hoare, Editor, AS Watson

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