What makes good content? Q&A with Susi O’Neill, Head of Digital


What makes good content?

Content marketing isn’t new – content has always driven communications online.  Good content is informative or entertaining, and always engaging.  Make your content purposeful: what problem will you solve for your prospective customer?   What call-to-action will they take?   Use that eye-catching infographic to move your audience further into your engagement programme or sales funnel.

How important is a content plan?

Very – it’s your tool for planning goals and success. In our attention economy, mediocre ideas sink to the bottom – invest in quality, make everything you produce count.  Create an editorial plan for social channels with the thematic messages you want to be known for, weaving in topical discussions where it complements your goals.

What about content technologies?

Content platforms are faddish – Vine’s the new Instagram, Pinterest a crafty, visual Facebook.  Zeitgeisting can work for early adopter brands. Technologies for successful website content are a great user experience and journey, with integrated analytics.  Your killer blog is a billboard in the desert without effective SEO.  Test blending organic with paid-media to meet your goals.

What is the key to success for a content strategy?

Fix your KPIs before producing anything.  Identify your brand values, drill tone of voice through all editorial – from tweets to form error messages. Good content requires subject experts working with awesome producers who are master editors and mentors – hire the best digital talent to train and up-skill your teams to become content producers.

This article was originally featured in .NET magazine in April.

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