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READ MORE 07.11.2017 Digital magazines vs news fe… So where does that leave digital magazines? Ultimately, with more choices than before. Since the dawn of the dot-com era, publishers have been looking at... READ MORE 27.09.2017 Why celebrities turn to frag… Celebrities are brands themselves. Their fans buy into them, dedicating their time and emotion to their music, memorabilia and social media. READ MORE 10.08.2017 Content Thought Leadership -… How did Netflix and Amazon Prime come to be known for top original content? What learnings are there for content marketers from their success? READ MORE 31.07.2017 What the Somerset House Perf… Fragrance – something you smell. Seems obvious, straightforward – and all you need to know, you’d think. But when I went to A Sensory Journey Through Contemporary Scent perfume exhibition at London’s Somerset House (open until 23 September 2017), it blew my mind... READ MORE 21.07.2017 River at General Assembly Te… It’s no secret that technology has changed the way people meet, fall in love and interact, and after hearing from leaders in the sex and dating space about an ever-changing industry, and exciting things to come, we’re sharing our top five insights into the business of tech and sex. READ MORE 20.07.2017 An emoji is worth 1,000 word… No longer do consumers have to be faced with the tedious and time-consuming task of typing words into the search bar to find a website. A single emoji is all that’s needed. READ MORE 20.07.2017 From intern to editor An internship is about so much more than administration and cups of tea, as the editor of Healthy For Men, Tom Rowley’s, first-hand experience can tell you. READ MORE 19.07.2017 Q&A with Kitty Aldis, Conten… What is a Content Manager? Basically, it’s my responsibility to manage the output of our online content. I make sure that our recipes, images and videos... READ MORE 13.07.2017 Why information architecture… Information is the oldest language out there. Even a simple point or to be seen running away from danger are forms of communicating information. Today, technology leads the way... READ MORE 11.07.2017 Teamwork makes the dream wor… Wednesday, 28 June was a big day at DARE HQ. It saw both the new edition of the magazine in print and the launch of our new Bolt app, a big project that couldn’t have been done without a kick-ass team... The working life of Jo Levitas, Art Director of Healthy & Healthy For Men 27.06.2017 I joined River after working on various magazine titles covering interiors to travel and food to parenting. Now, after five years here, with my slippers now firmly under the bed as it were, I feel more than part of the furniture. READ MORE READ MORE 22.06.2017 A Day in the Life of Lauren … Call me cheesy, but on 28 February 2016 I started the job of my dreams – editor of The Perfume Shop’s blog, SCENTS, at The River Group. I practically skip to work every morning, making the businessmen and city bankers VERY jealous on the bus commute. So here’s a typical day in my working life…
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