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Contentology 24 - Are FinTech brands a real alternative to traditional banking? 24.05.2017 Engaging content and technology that delivers, are FinTech brands a real alternative to traditional banking? READ MORE Food and Drink Trends 2017-2018 – Analysis and Predictions So Far… 07.04.2017 Every year, the gastronomic forecasters at The Food People release their annual list of food and beverage trend predictions. READ MORE Contentology #23 06.04.2017 Buying a car, it seems, is still fraught with anxiety for many of us. The abundance of choice and optional extras can make it a stressful experience, from the first tyre-kicking visit to the dealer, to the fear of being ripped off or signing up to something you may not need. READ MORE Content We Love #7 April Fools 01.04.2017 April Fools’ Day has always been a great opportunity for publishers and brands to have some fun at the expense of their readers, with Social Media only helping spread the news. READ MORE Content we love #6 02.03.2017 It has been one year this week since Facebook introduced their reaction emojis. Since they've been released, the reaction emojis have been used over 300 billion times. READ MORE Why psychology and marketing go hand in hand 23.02.2017 Before I ever picked up a marketing book or walked into a lecture hall at university, I had more than a faint idea that psychology played a part in the process of marketing. To a certain extent, aside from the creative side of marketing, this is probably what drew me to studying the subject. READ MORE Content we love #5 21.02.2017 Live video is the latest buzzword in social but, as a concept, if we take into consideration our television viewing habits, it’s far from new. However, unlike television, live streaming is the raw unfiltered alternative which is catching everyone's attention. In an age of never wanting to miss out, live video is an open invitation to be fully part of the moment alongside the video creators. READ MORE The River Group POV #4 01.02.2017 Every generation is shaped by the events that surround them: the strength of the economy, changing social mores, access to information, the health of the nation and even, dare we say it, political events. READ MORE Contentology #22 01.02.2017 It’s February and traditionally at this time of year many brands are looking for ways to appropriate Valentine’s day for their own marketing activity READ MORE Content we love #4 27.01.2017 Worldwide, there are over 1.79 billion monthly active users on Facebook. READ MORE Contentology #21 13.01.2017 Happy New Year from Contentology! READ MORE Content we love #3 05.01.2017 Like every year, after a very indulgent and lazy Christmas, January creeps into our calendars as the month for fitness and healthy eating. READ MORE
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