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READ MORE 02.02.2018 Opportunities & Threats: Cus… 2017 saw a number of transformative events that shaped the content publishing industry. But three stand out for me as having particular significance for our industry. READ MORE 17.01.2018 Voice Search and Innovation … Remember when we all first got Siri? Users would ask their iPhone 4s, ‘What’s the meaning of life?’. Fast forward to 2018, voice search is becoming the next big step in tech innovation. READ MORE 11.01.2018 3 predictions for the future… With the launch of the iPhone X, Apple has put facial recognition on the map. For the first time, it is being recognised on a global scale, which will push Apple’s competitors and inspire technology companies into new frontiers. READ MORE 14.12.2017 Disruptive Technology and th… When you think of some of the biggest disruptive brands today, the chances are their business models require a level of user-generated participation to benefit the customer and the business. READ MORE 05.12.2017 Content Thought Leadership -… Utilities industry are facing a problem. We will always need heat, light and water so that in itself isn’t a threat, how we manage them is changing quickly. READ MORE 27.11.2017 Content Thought Leadership -… The whole professional services industry – legal, financial, accountancy and management consultancy – has seen both legislature and advancements in technology create real challenges for an industry that is notoriously conservative when it comes to change. READ MORE 07.11.2017 Digital magazines vs news fe… So where does that leave digital magazines? Ultimately, with more choices than before. Since the dawn of the dot-com era, publishers have been looking at... READ MORE 27.09.2017 Why celebrities turn to frag… Celebrities are brands themselves. Their fans buy into them, dedicating their time and emotion to their music, memorabilia and social media. READ MORE 10.08.2017 Content Thought Leadership -… How did Netflix and Amazon Prime come to be known for top original content? What learnings are there for content marketers from their success? READ MORE 31.07.2017 What the Somerset House Perf… Fragrance – something you smell. Seems obvious, straightforward – and all you need to know, you’d think. But when I went to A Sensory Journey Through Contemporary Scent perfume exhibition at London’s Somerset House (open until 23 September 2017), it blew my mind... READ MORE 21.07.2017 River at General Assembly Te… It’s no secret that technology has changed the way people meet, fall in love and interact, and after hearing from leaders in the sex and dating space about an ever-changing industry, and exciting things to come, we’re sharing our top five insights into the business of tech and sex. READ MORE 20.07.2017 An emoji is worth 1,000 word… No longer do consumers have to be faced with the tedious and time-consuming task of typing words into the search bar to find a website. A single emoji is all that’s needed.
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